UFC 214: Daniel Cormier breaks down in tears after losing title to Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier is one of the toughest fighters in UFC. He held the 205-pound title for a year and a half while Jon Jones was out of action for either suspension or injury. The only professional loss he had suffered before Saturday night was to Jones in 2015 and he worked tirelessly to get this rematch at UFC 214.

So when he was knocked out by a head kick and subsequent punches in the main event on Saturday night in Anaheim, California, it should come as no surprise that the former champion was incredibly emotional. As Jones was announced as the new champion, Cormier, who suffered a concussion in the fight, was shown crying on his coach's shoulder as it sunk in that he was truly defeated.

"I don't know man. I thought the fight was going well, I don't even know what happened," Cormier said immediately after the fight. "They say I got kicked in the head? Oh man, that's so disappointing.

"I guess if he wins both fights there is no rivalry, so I don't know."

Even Jones, who has now won 14 consecutive fights in UFC, wanted fans to pick up Cormier for his efforts both in the cage and out.

"D.C. has no reason to be ashamed. He has been a model champion, a model husband, a model father, teammate, leader, and I aspire to be more like that man," Jones said.

In his reign as champ, Cormier beat Anthony "Rumble" Johnson twice and earned a split decision win over Alexander Gustafsson -- considered two of the best light heavyweights of the era. Even though he came up short on Saturday night, Cormier can truly say he still is one of the best fighters at 205 pounds of all time.

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