UFC fighter explains death-defying details about failed weight cut ahead of event

In his first public comments since being hospitalized for weight-cutting issues ahead of last Sunday's UFC St. Louis card, middleweight Uriah Hall described his ordeal as "the most traumatic experience I've ever had." 

Hall (13-6), who was forced to pull out of his scheduled bout against Vitor Belfort in the Brazilian legend's career finale, spoke with fans Thursday on a live Instagram video to clear up the facts regarding what happened. 

Not only did Hall, 33, reveal he had suffered "a mini-seizure" and "slight heart attack" during the weight cut, he said doctors told him he "probably would have died the next day" had he gone through with the weigh-in. 

"I know there is a lot of miscommunication of what's going on and people think I punked out," Hall said. "I definitely want to apologize to Vitor and his camp. I know that it sucks to go through all that and then not fight. I've been there, man. But for the record I did make weight, I just failed to make it to the scale, which sucked. 

"I never had a problem cutting weight and what happened is that I ignored some issues that happened prior. As a fighter, we don't have sick days. So for me, it was just to show up, which I did, but my body was just not showing up with it."

Although Hall, a native of Jamaica, admitted his weight cut was harder than normal because of lingering injuries, he ultimately put the blame on himself for "neglecting my safety and health, which was the dumbest thing to do" by ignoring the messages his body was telling him. 

"I mean I was in and out of it -- I was conscious, but I was unconscious," Hall said. "I knew what was happening, but I was fighting over it. I was punching. I think I had a mini-seizure and at the same time a slight heart attack. My kidneys were just not good."

Hall also hoped to dispel rumors (including those perpetuated by UFC president Dana White) that his medical issues and weight problems were not the result of him not handling his business in a professional manner. 

"As far as clearing up the air, I heard I was partying in L.A. and I wasn't taking my training seriously or 'following procedure,'" Hall said. "You mean to tell me my entire career, all of a sudden, I'm going to party in L.A.? It's too funny."

As news of Hall's health troubles began to trickle out to social media last weekend, fears continued to grow regarding the current state of weight cutting in MMA. 

Not only did Paige VanZant, who fought on Sunday's card, send her support for Hall over social media, the tweet came the same day that a video surfaced with PVZ graphically explaining her own death-defying weight cuts to 115 pounds before UFC opened up a women's flyweight division. 

As far as what's next for Hall, he's not against the idea of a second chance at facing Belfort. 

"I would love to fight Vitor again if he gets his panties out of a bunch," Hall said. "I heard he's complaining. Dude, it's a fight, s--- happens. We can definitely scrap again. Obviously, I have to get better, but I would love to fight him."

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