UFC welterweight Mike Perry, best known for his brash and unpredictable persona, was caught on video Tuesday at a Texas bar punching a patron and using racial slurs. 

In a video that quickly surfaced on social media, Perry (14-6) appeared to knock out an elderly man during an argument at the entrance of Table 82 in Lubbock, Texas. The 28-year-old fighter was asked to leave by a member of the staff and was shown arguing with other bar patrons while screaming for someone to call the police. 

According to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports, the man who was punched in the video was found unconscious when local authorities arrived due to smacking his head on the concrete. He was transported to a hospital but said he was experiencing memory problems as a result of the skirmish and didn't remember any of it happening. 

Perry, who is fresh off a June 27 victory over Mickey Gall in Las Vegas, told police his actions were in retaliation to being touched inside the establishment by a different patron. A witness also told police that Perry also struck a woman during the fight who was later identified as a friend of his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez, who served as Perry's trainer and lone corner person last month.

Lubbock police did not arrest Perry and no charges were filed while an investigation is pending.

UFC released a brief statement on Thursday night and noted that Perry will not fight again for them until he receives help.

"UFC is aware and troubled by the video that was released last night concerning Mike Perry," the statement read. "The conduct displayed by Perry is not reflective of that of our organization. Perry apologized for his behavior and acknowledged he was disappointed with himself that his actions may have reflected poorly on UFC. He further acknowledged that he believes he has some issues related to alcohol abuse and has informed UFC that he has committed to immediately seek professional treatment, including substance and behavioral counseling. At this time, UFC has informed Perry that he will not be offered a bout, and the parties have agreed to evaluate next steps for Perry following the completion of his treatment program."

The video also includes Perry's excessive use of the N-word as a slur, although it's unable to be certain whether it was aimed at anyone who is Black. Perry, who is white, has been criticized in the past by fans and fellow UFC fighters for his use of the derogatory term, which he tried to explain in 2018 in a video posted to social media that a DNA test proved he was 2% African.

Perry is no stranger in recent years to bizarre and often violent behavior. He hung during a phone interview with CBS Sports' "State of Combat" podcast in June following a tirade of profanities and threats in response to a question about his ex-wife and former coach. 

There have also been two additional public incidents in which Perry has confirmed his role in during interviews over the past nine months. He told CBS Sports that a video that surfaced in March of him knocking out a man on the street on New Year's Eve was in retaliation to being hit first. He also posted an Instagram video last month showing cuts on his hands and later told ESPN it was from a 2019 fight in a bar bathroom with two bouncers.

Perry is 7-6 in the Octagon since his 2016 UFC debut and recently snapped a two-fight losing skid. He said last month he's currently looking to find a new training camp in Florida.