On Thursday, it was revealed there's a chance that the Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley welterweight championship unification match may not take place in September as we all originally expected. After earning the interim belt by defeating Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225, Covington will not be ready to go by the time Woodley is able to return from shoulder surgery, and the interim champ didn't waste time in offering up an explanation. 

Covington needs more time to recover

Sitting down recently for an interview with Submission Radio, Covington revealed that he needs a little more time to get back to full health following his interim title win over dos Anjos in June. Some injuries were sustained in the battle with the legend, meaning that a quick turnaround to fight Woodley to crown an undisputed champ in September just ins't plausible. Of course, in typical Covington fashion, he ended the explanation by taking a verbal jab at Woodley. 

"We're looking at doing it in November, December," Covington said. "You know, I need a little time off, I need to do a little recovering. I'm only human, man, I gotta get a little vacation. I just can't keep running my body through the ground, going through training camps. You have to be strategic, and you know, November, December works for me. I had little health issues after my fight, so I'm getting those taken care of and by the year's end I will unify my belt and retire Tyron Woodley for good." 

While Covington isn't the most popular personality in the UFC by any means, he's not really asking for much here; just a couple more months to collect himself before a fight everyone wants to see. It's understandable that the UFC wants this fight to take place as soon as possible now that Woodley is healthy, but at the same time, they put Covington in the cage with one of the best fighters in UFC history to crown an interim champion they, quite frankly, really didn't need.

Should the promotion ultimately decide to shelf the Covington-Woodley match, the popular idea is that Woodley could defend his title against English up-and-comer Darren Till. 

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