It took us awhile to get back here, but it's time again. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will finally have their rematch on Aug. 20 in Las Vegas after a long negotiation process.

The two first squared off in March after Diaz was a fill in for Rafael dos Anjos, who suffered an injury in training camp. They bickered thorugh the media for 12 days before the fight finally came to be.

McGregor looked good early on, but got rocked in the second round before Diaz was able to secure his back and lock in the guillotine choke. McGregor wanted to get his rematch with Diaz at UFC 200 this weekend, but negotiations broke down and a press tour obligation kept that from happening.

Now, McGregor, fighting two weight classes above his normal weight, will once again fight at 170 pounds, looking to exact revenge.

The featherweight champion wants to win at UFC 202, go back to featherweight for a bit to reclaim his title and then settle the score once and for all with Diaz in a trilogy fight.

At Wednesday's press conference, nobody could seem to hear anything, especially Diaz, who asked Dana White multiple times what was being asked.