Losing a fight by decision has to be frustrating. You go out, get beat up for a while, and then at the end, you have to stand there with you hands at your side while your opponent's name gets called. So David Booker and Elijah Terrell must have had a lot of feelings when an MMA ring announcer got the winner mixed up not once, but twice.

While in the middle of the ring, the announcer starts to call Booker's name, but he cuts himself off, going "David The Co--excuse me my bad," leaving "David The Co" laughing very sheepishly while Terrell goes into celebration mode. After a few moments, the announcer hilarious cuts back in, going "my bad, I called it wrong. My bad. I got the scores right, I got the winner wrong. My bad my friend," as Terrell saunters back to the middle of the ring.

Booker is very humble about the win, going over to hug Terrell, who probably wanted none of it. The announcer's shamelessness actually makes the clip a lot better, as he sounds like he's a second away from going "whoopsie!" But Terrell's second time standing in the middle definitely didn't look fun.

All in all, not the best day for the ring announcer, but arguably a worse one for Terrell.