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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a few trophies from wins throughout his career and he said soon he needs to invest in a place to keep them all. On his podcast Dale Jr. Download he explained that he doesn't actually know where all of his trophies are and thinks a giant case for them all would help him to keep track.

Earnhardt said, "I've literally had the same thought in my head, maybe several months ago, and I walked through the whole building going, 'Are they all here?'"

The 15-time Most Popular Driver said the trophies in those categories are mostly in the JR Motorsports' shop, with 14 there and one at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. He also has 26 Cup Series wins to go along with 24 XFINITY Series wins and two series championships.

He said:

"Honestly, I bet that there's some missing pieces. I got trophies just laying in my basement. I need a shelf that holds them all — all 26 Cup trophies, all the most popular drivers, all the XFINITY trophies. And I would love to do that to be able to understand what I'm missing and find out where that stuff is. Like man, where is everything? It's all over the place. I've got some trophies here, I've got trophies all over my property. Some are in the Hall of Fame. I don't know if I have all of them. Goodness."

He said Kasey Kahne's photo in front of the trophy case gave him the inspiration for wanting a case of his own. 

"I was like, 'I want to do that!' And you know why? It's because I don't know where they are. I don't know where all my stuff's at," he said.

While he has a good amount of wins, he wonders what some with even more do with all the hardware. 

"Imagine if you were [Kevin] Harvick or any of those guys, or Denny [Hamlin], with 40 or 50 wins. What do you do with all of them? And I think [there is] the anxiety and concern of where they all might be or maybe one's missing. I don't know," Dale Jr. said.