Hundreds of migrating birds crash into side of NASCAR Hall of Fame building in Charlotte

Hundreds of birds crashed into the side of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte on Tuesday evening. The majority of the birds were severely injured and a third of them were killed in the strange turn of events, according to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

A Facebook video showed the birds on the ground outside the building after they crashed. The 310 birds were identified as Chimney Swifts by the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Nine birds had to be euthanized and around 100 needed treatment for broken bones, according to CBS News. The rest of the birds were stunned by the incident.

Posted by Holl Belle on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The exact reason why these birds crashed into the building is not yet known, but the non-profit Audubon North Carolina believes that it might have something to do with lights that were left on inside the Hall of Fame:

Chimney Swifts were out past their bedtime possibly because they could not find a suitable chimney in which to roost (or experienced some kind of disturbance, causing them to leave a roost chimney), and lights inside the NASCAR Hall of Fame shone brightly, reflected by low cloud cover, attracting and disorienting the birds and leading to collisions.

It's safe to say that this is one of the stranger turn of events that has been seen in the city of Charlotte or anywhere for that matter. To avoid it from happening again, Audubon North Carolina recommended that the lights be completely shut off at night at the Hall of Fame building for the next month.

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