F1 Testing in Valencia - Day Two
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Aussie Mark Webber is set to compete in the inaugural Superstar Racing Experience next summer on CBS. Webber joins a star-studded field that already includes Tony Stewart, Helio Castoneves, Bobby Labonte, Tony Kanaan, Paul Tracy and Willy T. Ribbs. 

Webber comes from the world of Formula One and endurance racing. He won nine Formula One Grand Prix while driving for Red Bull Racing and also finished third in the championship three times in addition to winning the FIA World Endurance championship. The 44-year-old retired from Formula One in 2013 and later announced his retirement from driving after the 2016 season. 

"It's a really cool list of drivers," Webber said of SRX. "I have never raced on an oval, never. But I love the people involved and I love how authentic it is."

While his biggest challenge will be racing on ovals for the first time, Webber does have experience racing on dirt tracks. He said he hopes to learn a thing or two from Stewart, who he explained was the driver he is most looking forward to racing against.

"What hasn't he done?" Webber said. "I've got great admiration for his rawness and authenticity. He's a very authentic guy and he's just an absolute classical racer. I'm hoping that he's extremely friendly to help me with some of the tricks I might need to know very quickly."

SRX Racing will air Saturday nights in primetime on CBS Television Network in the Summer of 2021.