Michael Jordan told Klay Thompson to 'go ahead and break the record'

Michael Jordan told Klay Thompson to 'go ahead and break the record'

By Matt Moore | NBA writer

Many people want to protect history. It's one of the bigger debate battles in sports. There's a wedge between those that idolize the past and want it held up as the standard, to not diminish it just because of recency bias. Then there's the flip side, which has become more prevalent in the internet age. There's a push to admire and worship the present, believing that we have a "better perspective" because of advanced stats and the idea that the game has "evolved" towards progress.

As always, the truth lies somewhere in a murky middle.

With the Warriors set to pass the 1996 Chicago Bulls by several games, there's a natural comparison between the two, and this debate is raging again. Those that admire the past maintain how much tougher the league was, how great Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were, and how that team played in a "better" league. On the other hand, the Warriors have higher levels of efficiency, more versatility, and are absolutely destroying every team based on point differential at a much higher level.

We'll never settle which team is better, but one thing is pretty cool... Michael Jordan's not resisting the Warriors taking the mantle as the greatest regular season team of all time.

From CSN Bay Area:

This is actually a really shocking thing. Jordan is the ultimate competitor and has always stayed aloft in his praise and defended his turf. The Warriors may not need the permission of the Greatest Of All Time, but for Jordan to support them in trying to knock him off the throne is a fairly un-Jordan thing to do.

Maybe His Airness is getting soft in his old age, or maybe he's just old enough to respect and understand that it's time for someone else to take the reins with the title of best team, ever.

I'm going to bet that if you asked MJ he'd still take his squad over the Warriors, and would bet on himself vs. Stephen Curry. But for Jordan not to root against the Warriors shows how much they've changed not just the current NBA, but the sport itself. It looks like the GOAT is in the Warriors' corner.


Michael Jordan is in the Warriors' corner. (USATSI)
Michael Jordan is in the Warriors' corner.(USATSI)

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