NBA Play by Play - Seattle vs. Boston

1st Qtr
12:00Start of period
12:00 SEAJumpball received by Chris Wilcox
11:58 SEAOffensive foul on Chris Wilcox
11:57 SEAOffensive Foul turnover on Chris Wilcox
11:400-0BOSKevin Garnett missed Jump Shot
11:32 SEADefensive Rebound by Jeff Green
11:250-0SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
11:13 SEAOffensive Rebound by Chris Wilcox
11:120-0SEAJeff Green missed Slam Dunk
11:07 SEADefensive Rebound by Chris Wilcox
11:150-0SEAKevin Durant missed Floating Jump Shot
11:08 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kendrick Perkins
11:070-0BOSPaul Pierce missed Jump Shot
10:52 BOSPersonal foul on Rajon Rondo
10:422-0SEAEarl Watson made Jump Shot
10:252-2BOSPaul Pierce made Driving Layup
10:142-2SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
10:11 SEAOffensive Rebound by Johan Petro
10:104-2SEAJohan Petro made Driving Layup
10:004-2BOSRay Allen missed Jump Shot
9:56 SEADefensive Rebound by Chris Wilcox
9:516-2SEAJohan Petro made Floating Jump Shot, Assist Earl Watson
9:386-4BOSPaul Pierce made Driving Layup
9:38 SEAShooting foul on Jeff Green
9:386-5BOSKevin Garnett made Free Throw
9:156-5SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Kevin Garnett
9:08 SEAOffensive Rebound by Chris Wilcox
9:07 SEA24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Chris Wilcox
8:57 BOSDouble dribble turnover on Kendrick Perkins
8:568-5SEAKevin Durant made Jump Shot
8:398-7BOSRajon Rondo made Jump Shot, Assist Ray Allen
8:3110-7SEAEarl Watson made Floating Jump Shot
8:1610-9BOSPaul Pierce made Driving Layup
7:5310-9SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
7:51 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
7:4610-11BOSRajon Rondo made Jump Shot
7:25 SEALost ball turnover on Kevin Durant, Stolen by Rajon Rondo
7:1810-11BOSRajon Rondo missed Layup
7:13 BOSOffensive Rebound by Rajon Rondo
7:1210-11BOSRajon Rondo missed Layup
7:07 SEADefensive Rebound by Chris Wilcox
7:0712-11SEAKevin Durant made Jump Shot
6:5912-13BOSPaul Pierce made Layup, Assist Kevin Garnett
6:4114-13SEAKevin Durant made Jump Shot
6:1814-13BOSRajon Rondo missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Johan Petro
6:13 SEADefensive Rebound by Chris Wilcox
6:0816-13SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot, Assist Earl Watson
5:51 SEAShooting foul on Chris Wilcox
5:5116-14BOSKevin Garnett made 1st of 2 Free Throws
5:5116-14BOSKevin Garnett missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
5:51 SEADefensive Rebound by Jeff Green
5:3616-14SEAJohan Petro missed Layup
5:28 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
5:2616-17BOSRay Allen made 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:2218-17SEAEarl Watson made Jump Shot
5:22 BOSShooting foul on Rajon Rondo
5:22  TV Timeout
5:2219-17SEAEarl Watson made Free Throw
5:0719-17BOSKevin Garnett missed Turnaround Jump Shot
5:01 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
4:56 SEALost ball turnover on Francisco Elson, Stolen by Paul Pierce
4:42 SEAPersonal foul on Kevin Durant
4:3619-20BOSRay Allen made 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:2219-20SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
4:18 BOSDefensive Rebound by Eddie House
4:1519-22BOSPaul Pierce made Driving Layup
4:15 SEAShooting foul on Francisco Elson
4:1519-23BOSPaul Pierce made Free Throw
3:5419-23SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot
3:51 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
3:3619-25BOSPaul Pierce made Jump Shot
3:2119-25SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Kendrick Perkins
3:14 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kendrick Perkins
3:29 BOSLost ball turnover on Kendrick Perkins
3:1219-25SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
3:08 BOSDefensive Rebound by Eddie House
3:0119-25BOSPaul Pierce missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:57 SEADefensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
2:47 SEAOffensive foul on Johan Petro
2:47 SEATravelling turnover on Johan Petro
2:47  TV Timeout
2:4719-27BOSLeon Powe made Layup
2:47 SEAShooting foul on Donyell Marshall
2:4719-27BOSLeon Powe missed Free Throw
2:47 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
2:3519-27SEALuke Ridnour missed Jump Shot
2:31 BOSDefensive Rebound by Paul Pierce
2:2119-27BOSKendrick Perkins missed Layup
2:16 SEADefensive Rebound by Luke Ridnour
2:16 BOSShooting foul on James Posey
2:1621-27SEAKevin Durant made Layup
2:1522-27SEAKevin Durant made Free Throw
1:5722-30BOSEddie House made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:4522-30SEALuke Ridnour missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:41 BOSPersonal foul on Leon Powe
1:37 SEABad pass turnover on Kevin Durant
1:20 BOSLost ball turnover on Glen Davis, Stolen by Damien Wilkins
1:1324-30SEADamien Wilkins made Slam Dunk
1:02 SEAShooting foul on Johan Petro
1:0224-31BOSGlen Davis made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:0224-32BOSGlen Davis made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
43.024-32SEADamien Wilkins missed Layup
38.0 BOSDefensive Rebound by Paul Pierce
31.024-32BOSPaul Pierce missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Francisco Elson
13.024-32BOSLeon Powe missed Layup
8.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
22.024-32SEAFrancisco Elson missed Jump Shot
21.024-32SEADamien Wilkins missed Layup
12.0 BOSDefensive Rebound by Glen Davis
9.024-34BOSLeon Powe made Layup
1.024-34SEADamien Wilkins missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:48 SEAShooting foul on Chris Wilcox
11:4024-36BOSTony Allen made Driving Layup
11:24 SEALost ball turnover on Kevin Durant, Stolen by Eddie House
11:1224-38BOSEddie House made Jump Shot
11:10 BOSPersonal foul on Tony Allen
11:04 BOSShooting foul on Eddie House
11:0425-38SEALuke Ridnour made 1st of 2 Free Throws
11:0425-38SEALuke Ridnour missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
11:04 BOSDefensive Rebound by Leon Powe
10:4325-38BOSTony Allen missed Jump Shot
10:38 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
10:36 SEALost ball turnover on Luke Ridnour, Stolen by Eddie House
10:2825-40BOSEddie House made Jump Shot
10:19 SEAFull Timeout
10:0927-40SEADamien Wilkins made Jump Shot, Assist Donyell Marshall
9:52 SEAShooting foul on Damien Wilkins
9:4527-42BOSEddie House made Jump Shot
9:2627-42SEAJohan Petro missed Dunk Shot
9:15 BOSDefensive Rebound by Leon Powe
9:1327-44BOSLeon Powe made Layup, Assist Tony Allen
8:55 SEABad pass turnover on Donyell Marshall
8:44 SEAShooting foul on Johan Petro
8:4427-44BOSLeon Powe missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:4427-44BOSLeon Powe missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:34 BOSPersonal foul on Glen Davis
8:2427-44SEAJohan Petro missed Layup
8:20 SEAOffensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
8:2027-44SEADonyell Marshall missed Layup
8:16 SEAOffensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
8:1629-44SEADonyell Marshall made Layup
8:09 SEAShooting foul on Donyell Marshall
8:0929-45BOSGlen Davis made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:0929-46BOSGlen Davis made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
7:50 SEABad pass turnover on Johan Petro
7:50 BOS5-second violation turnover on Eddie House
7:5029-46SEALuke Ridnour missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:50 BOSDefensive Rebound by Leon Powe
7:4929-46BOSJames Posey missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:43 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
7:4129-46SEADamien Wilkins missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:36 SEAOffensive Rebound by Mickael Gelabale
7:3431-46SEALuke Ridnour made Jump Shot
6:5531-48BOSGlen Davis made Jump Shot
6:4133-48SEALuke Ridnour made Layup
6:4034-48SEALuke Ridnour made Free Throw
6:2334-50BOSSam Cassell made Jump Shot
6:1434-50SEALuke Ridnour missed Jump Shot
6:12 BOSDefensive Rebound by Tony Allen
6:0534-52BOSKevin Garnett made Jump Shot
5:54  TV Timeout
5:4636-52SEAJeff Green made Jump Shot
5:22 BOSTravelling turnover on Kevin Garnett
5:0138-52SEAFrancisco Elson made Jump Shot
4:4738-54BOSSam Cassell made Jump Shot
4:36 SEAOffensive foul on Mickael Gelabale
4:36 SEAOffensive Foul turnover on Mickael Gelabale
4:3638-54BOSJames Posey missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:30 SEADefensive Rebound by Earl Watson
4:31 SEABad pass turnover on Earl Watson
4:1638-54BOSKevin Garnett missed Hook Shot
4:11 SEADefensive Rebound by Earl Watson
4:06 SEALost ball turnover on Kevin Durant, Stolen by Sam Cassell
3:5938-56BOSRay Allen made Jump Shot
3:3338-56SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Ray Allen
3:28 SEAOffensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
3:27 SEA24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Earl Watson
3:1438-56BOSSam Cassell missed Jump Shot
3:11 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
3:0840-56SEAEarl Watson made Layup
2:5240-58BOSKevin Garnett made Jump Shot
2:4040-58SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
2:36 BOSDefensive Rebound by James Posey
2:34 BOSFull Timeout
2:12 SEAPersonal foul on Kevin Durant
2:1240-59BOSKevin Garnett made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:1240-60BOSKevin Garnett made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:5640-60SEAKevin Durant missed Jump Shot
1:53 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
1:4740-60BOSSam Cassell missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Kevin Durant
1:4040-60BOSKevin Garnett missed Turnaround Jump Shot
1:37 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
1:2640-60SEAKevin Durant missed Layup
1:22 SEAOffensive Rebound by Jeff Green
1:1440-60SEAFrancisco Elson missed Jump Shot
1:14 SEAOffensive Rebound by Jeff Green
1:14 BOSPersonal foul on Kendrick Perkins
1:1441-60SEAJeff Green made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:1442-60SEAJeff Green made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
56.042-62BOSRay Allen made Turnaround Jump Shot
43.044-62SEAJeff Green made Jump Shot
31.044-62BOSKevin Garnett missed Turnaround Jump Shot
25.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
19.0 SEALost ball turnover on Johan Petro, Stolen by Kevin Garnett
8.044-64BOSKevin Garnett made Slam Dunk
5.0 SEAFull Timeout
2.044-64SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot
2.0 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
0.0End of period.
3rd Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:5044-66BOSKendrick Perkins made Slam Dunk, Assist Paul Pierce
11:3846-66SEAJohan Petro made Hook Shot
11:1846-68BOSKevin Garnett made Jump Shot
10:57 SEALost ball turnover on Johan Petro, Stolen by Paul Pierce
10:5046-70BOSKevin Garnett made Dunk Shot, Assist Paul Pierce
10:2846-70SEAEarl Watson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:24 BOSDefensive Rebound by Ray Allen
10:0346-70BOSPaul Pierce missed Jump Shot
9:59 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
9:48 BOSPersonal foul on Ray Allen
9:4846-70SEAChris Wilcox missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:4847-70SEAChris Wilcox made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:3247-72BOSKevin Garnett made Layup
9:32 SEAShooting foul on Jeff Green
9:3247-73BOSKevin Garnett made Free Throw
9:12 SEALost ball turnover on Chris Wilcox
8:5547-73BOSKevin Garnett missed Jump Shot
8:55 BOSLoose ball foul on Kendrick Perkins
8:4547-73SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
8:40 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
8:2247-75BOSKevin Garnett made Turnaround Jump Shot
8:08 BOSPersonal foul on Kevin Garnett
8:0848-75SEAKevin Durant made Technical Free Throw
7:5348-75SEAJeff Green missed Jump Shot
7:45 BOSDefensive Rebound by Ray Allen
7:4448-77BOSRay Allen made Layup
7:44 SEAFull Timeout
7:4050-77SEAChris Wilcox made Layup
7:40 BOSShooting foul on Kendrick Perkins
7:4050-77SEAChris Wilcox missed Free Throw
7:40 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kendrick Perkins
7:0750-77BOSKevin Garnett missed Jump Shot
7:04 SEADefensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
6:5852-77SEAKevin Durant made Jump Shot
6:3552-77BOSRajon Rondo missed Layup
6:29 BOSOffensive Rebound by Rajon Rondo
6:1552-77BOSKendrick Perkins missed Slam Dunk, Blocked by Jeff Green
6:04 SEAPersonal foul on Chris Wilcox
5:57 BOSTravelling turnover on Kevin Garnett
5:4052-77SEAKevin Durant missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:34 SEAOffensive Rebound by Earl Watson
5:2752-77SEAKevin Durant missed Layup
5:2654-77SEAEarl Watson made Layup
5:1154-79BOSRay Allen made Jump Shot
4:3754-79SEAJeff Green missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:31 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kendrick Perkins
4:3054-79BOSRay Allen missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:27 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
4:2254-79SEAEarl Watson missed Layup
4:16 BOSDefensive Rebound by Paul Pierce
4:1054-79BOSPaul Pierce missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:10 BOSPersonal foul on Paul Pierce
4:0956-79SEAKevin Durant made Slam Dunk, Assist Chris Wilcox
3:52 SEAShooting foul on Francisco Elson
3:5156-81BOSKendrick Perkins made Layup
3:4856-82BOSKendrick Perkins made Free Throw
3:41 SEALost ball turnover on Kevin Durant, Stolen by Paul Pierce
3:3456-84BOSRajon Rondo made Slam Dunk
3:1258-84SEADamien Wilkins made Jump Shot
3:0258-86BOSRay Allen made Jump Shot, Assist Rajon Rondo
2:3958-86SEAChris Wilcox missed Jump Shot
2:34 BOSDefensive Rebound by Kevin Garnett
2:3358-88BOSRay Allen made Driving Layup
2:1858-88SEADamien Wilkins missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:14 SEADefensive Rebound by Damien Wilkins
2:0658-88SEAEarl Watson missed Jump Shot
2:03 BOSFull Timeout
1:55 SEAOffensive Foul turnover on Johan Petro
1:54 SEAOffensive foul on Francisco Elson
1:51 BOSLost ball turnover on James Posey, Stolen by Damien Wilkins
1:3758-88SEALuke Ridnour missed Layup
1:30 SEAOffensive Rebound by Kevin Durant
1:3060-88SEAKevin Durant made Layup
1:2560-88BOSLeon Powe missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Kevin Durant
1:1560-90BOSJames Posey made Driving Layup
1:15 SEAShooting foul on Francisco Elson
1:1560-90BOSJames Posey missed Free Throw
1:15 SEADefensive Rebound by Francisco Elson
1:05 SEABad pass turnover on Chris Wilcox
46.060-92BOSJames Posey made Jump Shot
16.0 SEA24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Damien Wilkins
2.060-92BOSJames Posey missed Jump Shot
2.0 BOSOffensive Rebound by James Posey
0.0End of period.
4th Qtr
12:00Start of period
11:2360-94BOSEddie House made Jump Shot
11:1362-94SEAChris Wilcox made Layup, Assist Luke Ridnour
10:5962-94BOSJames Posey missed Jump Shot
10:54 BOSOffensive Rebound by P.J. Brown
10:53 SEAShooting foul on Damien Wilkins
10:5362-95BOSLeon Powe made 1st of 2 Free Throws
10:5362-96BOSLeon Powe made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
10:36 SEAOffensive Foul turnover on Chris Wilcox
10:36 SEAOffensive foul on Chris Wilcox
10:2262-96BOSJames Posey missed Jump Shot
10:17 BOSOffensive Rebound by Leon Powe
10:0162-96BOSP.J. Brown missed Layup
9:57 BOSOffensive Rebound by Tony Allen
9:5762-98BOSTony Allen made Slam Dunk
9:4162-98SEAChris Wilcox missed Layup
9:37 BOSDefensive Rebound by Eddie House
9:33 SEAShooting foul on Donyell Marshall
9:3362-98BOSTony Allen missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
9:3362-99BOSTony Allen made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
9:2064-99SEAChris Wilcox made Layup
9:0564-99BOSP.J. Brown missed Jump Shot
9:01 SEADefensive Rebound by Mickael Gelabale
8:5264-99SEAChris Wilcox missed Jump Shot
8:48 BOSDefensive Rebound by James Posey
8:44 BOSLost ball turnover on Eddie House, Stolen by Luke Ridnour
8:25 BOSShooting foul on Eddie House
8:25  TV Timeout
8:2565-99SEAMickael Gelabale made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:2565-99SEAMickael Gelabale missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:25 BOSDefensive Rebound by Eddie House
8:1465-99BOSTony Allen missed Layup, Blocked by Donyell Marshall
8:07 SEADefensive Rebound by Donyell Marshall
8:0665-99SEALuke Ridnour missed Layup
8:01 SEADefensive Rebound by Luke Ridnour
8:0065-99SEALuke Ridnour missed Jump Shot
7:58 SEADefensive Rebound by Luke Ridnour
7:5667-99SEALuke Ridnour made Floating Jump Shot
7:3067-99BOSGlen Davis missed Jump Shot
7:26 BOSOffensive Rebound by Glen Davis
7:24 BOS24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Glen Davis
7:0567-99SEAMickael Gelabale missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:01 BOSDefensive Rebound by James Posey
6:5667-101BOSSam Cassell made Jump Shot
6:3769-101SEADamien Wilkins made Jump Shot
6:1369-101BOSGlen Davis missed Layup
6:09 SEADefensive Rebound by Luke Ridnour
6:0369-101SEAJohan Petro missed Layup
5:57 BOSDefensive Rebound by Tony Allen
5:56 SEALost ball turnover on Mickael Gelabale
5:56  TV Timeout
5:4469-101BOSSam Cassell missed Jump Shot
5:39 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
5:3169-101SEAMickael Gelabale missed Jump Shot
5:26 SEADefensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
5:2369-101SEAMike Wilks missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Glen Davis
5:14 BOSDefensive Rebound by Sam Cassell
5:1269-101BOSSam Cassell missed Jump Shot
5:08 SEADefensive Rebound by Johan Petro
4:4772-101SEAMickael Gelabale made 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:34 SEAShooting foul on Donyell Marshall
4:3472-102BOSTony Allen made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:2172-102BOSTony Allen missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:12 BOSDefensive Rebound by Leon Powe
4:1174-102SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot
3:3774-102BOSTony Allen missed Layup
3:32 SEADefensive Rebound by Mike Wilks
3:2474-102SEAMickael Gelabale missed Jump Shot
3:20 BOSDefensive Rebound by Leon Powe
3:16 SEAShooting foul on Donyell Marshall
3:1674-102BOSP.J. Brown missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:1674-103BOSP.J. Brown made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:5974-103SEAJohan Petro missed Jump Shot
2:56 BOSDefensive Rebound by Sam Cassell
2:42 SEAPersonal foul on Mike Wilks
2:42  TV Timeout
2:3374-103BOSTony Allen missed Layup
2:1076-103SEAAdrian Griffin made Layup
1:5676-105BOSP.J. Brown made Jump Shot, Assist Sam Cassell
1:36 SEALost ball turnover on Johan Petro
1:1876-108BOSJames Posey made 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:0778-108SEAJohan Petro made Jump Shot
50.078-108BOSSam Cassell missed Jump Shot
45.0 SEADefensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
40.078-108SEADonyell Marshall missed Jump Shot
34.0 SEAOffensive Rebound by Adrian Griffin
31.078-108SEAMike Wilks missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
27.0 BOSDefensive Rebound by Tony Allen
24.078-111BOSJames Posey made 3-pt. Jump Shot
15.0 BOSShooting foul on Glen Davis
15.079-111SEAMike Wilks made 1st of 2 Free Throws
15.080-111SEAMike Wilks made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
0.0End of period.