NBA Play by Play - Sacramento vs. Charlotte

1st Qtr
12:00 SACJumpball received by Tyreke Evans
11:490-0SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Hook Shot
11:44 CHADefensive Rebound by Kemba 11:44
11:340-0CHAByron Mullens missed Jump Shot
11:30 CHAOffensive Rebound by Kemba 11:30
11:260-0CHAGerald Henderson missed Jump Shot
11:16 CHALost ball turnover on Byron Mullens, Stolen by Jason Thompson
11:072-0SACTravis Outlaw made Layup
10:432-0CHAKemba Walker missed Jump Shot
10:33 CHA24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Kemba Walker
10:242-0SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Layup
10:21 CHADefensive Rebound by Byron 10:21
10:132-2CHAByron Mullens made Jump Shot, Assist Kemba Walker
10:014-2SACTravis Outlaw made Driving layup
9:36 CHALost ball turnover on Gerald Henderson, Stolen by Tyreke Evans
9:316-2SACTyreke Evans made Dunk Shot
9:136-2CHAByron Mullens missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:08 CHAOffensive Rebound by Bismack 9:08
9:066-4CHAGerald Henderson made Jump Shot, Assist Bismack Biyombo
8:516-4SACTravis Outlaw missed Jump Shot
8:48 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 8:48
8:486-4SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Tip-in
8:45 SACOffensive Rebound by Jason 8:45
8:448-4SACJason Thompson made Layup
8:208-4CHAKemba Walker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:17 CHAOffensive Rebound by Bismack 8:17
8:178-4CHABismack Biyombo missed Layup
8:14 CHAOffensive Rebound by Byron 8:14
8:11 SACPersonal foul on Travis Outlaw
8:10 CHALost ball turnover on Kemba Walker, Stolen by Travis Outlaw
8:0110-4SACDeMarcus Cousins made Reverse Layup, Assist Isaiah Thomas
8:01 CHAShooting foul on Gerald Henderson
8:0110-4SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Free Throw
8:01 CHADefensive Rebound by Derrick 8:01
7:43 SACPersonal foul on Tyreke Evans
7:3410-4CHAByron Mullens missed Jump Shot
7:30 SACDefensive Rebound by Isaiah 7:30
7:2310-4SACIsaiah Thomas missed Jump Shot
7:20 CHADefensive Rebound by Derrick 7:20
7:1010-4CHABismack Biyombo missed Hook Shot
7:04 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 7:04
6:5312-4SACTravis Outlaw made Jump Shot, Assist DeMarcus Cousins
6:39 CHAFull Timeout
6:2512-4CHAKemba Walker missed Turnaround Jump Shot, Blocked by Jason Thompson
6:15 SACDefensive Rebound by Isaiah 6:15
6:1214-4SACJason Thompson made Layup, Assist Isaiah Thomas
6:0114-6CHAGerald Henderson made Driving layup, Assist Gerald Henderson
5:5016-6SACIsaiah Thomas made Reverse Layup
5:24 CHATravelling turnover on Derrick Brown
5:1916-6SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Slam Dunk
4:5616-6CHAGerald Henderson missed Jump Shot
4:56 CHAOffensive Rebound by Derrick 4:56
4:5016-6CHADerrick Brown missed Jump Shot
4:45 SACDefensive Rebound by Tyreke 4:45
4:3918-6SACTyreke Evans made Layup
4:39 CHAShooting foul on Kemba Walker
4:3919-6SACTyreke Evans made Free Throw
4:3119-8CHAByron Mullens made Jump Shot, Assist Kemba Walker
4:1522-8SACIsaiah Thomas made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Tyreke Evans
3:5122-8CHABismack Biyombo missed Jump Shot
3:48 CHAOffensive Rebound by Derrick 3:48
3:4622-10CHADerrick Brown made Layup
3:2422-10SACJason Thompson missed Hook Shot
3:20 CHADefensive Rebound by Gerald 3:20
3:1722-10CHAKemba Walker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:15 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 3:15
3:0324-10SACTyreke Evans made Layup, Assist Travis Outlaw
2:5524-12CHAByron Mullens made Jump Shot, Assist Derrick Brown
40.0 SACFull Timeout
2:2824-12SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot
2:26 SACOffensive Rebound by Travis 2:26
2:2526-12SACDeMarcus Cousins made Tip-in
2:11 SACPersonal foul on Tyreke Evans
2:04 SACShooting foul on Isaiah Thomas
2:0426-12CHAGerald Henderson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:0426-13CHAGerald Henderson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:5426-13SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Jump Shot
1:52 CHADefensive Rebound by Byron 1:52
1:4526-13CHAGerald Henderson missed Jump Shot
1:41 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 1:41
1:2928-13SACJason Thompson made Driving layup, Assist Jimmer Fredette
1:1528-15CHAByron Mullens made Reverse Layup, Assist Kemba Walker
58.030-15SACDeMarcus Cousins made Layup, Assist Isaiah Thomas
58.0 CHAShooting foul on Byron Mullens
58.031-15SACDeMarcus Cousins made Free Throw
45.031-17CHATyrus Thomas made Driving layup
32.0 SACLost ball turnover on Travis Outlaw, Stolen by Gerald Henderson
26.031-19CHAGerald Henderson made Driving layup
8.031-19SACJason Thompson missed Driving Dunk
0.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Byron 0.0
1.031-19CHAGerald Henderson missed 3-pt. Running Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Qtr
11:4131-21CHAByron Mullens made Jump Shot, Assist Kemba Walker
11:2433-21SACDeMarcus Cousins made Slam Dunk, Assist Terrence Williams
11:0333-21CHAGerald Henderson missed Slam Dunk
10:57 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 10:57
10:4633-21SACJimmer Fredette missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:43 CHADefensive Rebound by Gerald 10:43
10:4233-23CHATyrus Thomas made Slam Dunk, Assist Byron Mullens
10:3133-23SACTerrence Williams missed Jump Shot
10:28 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 10:28
10:2735-23SACDeMarcus Cousins made Tip-in
10:0135-23CHAGerald Henderson missed Jump Shot
9:56 SACDefensive Rebound by Isaiah 9:56
9:5535-23SACJason Thompson missed Layup
9:49 CHADefensive Rebound by Byron 9:49
9:4135-25CHATyrus Thomas made Slam Dunk, Assist Kemba Walker
9:3138-25SACIsaiah Thomas made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Jason Thompson
9:26 CHADouble Technical foul on Bismack Biyombo
9:26 SACDouble Technical foul on DeMarcus Cousins
9:1738-25CHAD.J. White missed Jump Shot
9:10 SACDefensive Rebound by Francisco 9:10
9:0738-25SACDonte Greene missed Layup
9:03 CHADefensive Rebound by Matt 9:03
9:0238-25CHAMatt Carroll missed Jump Shot
9:00 SACDefensive Rebound by Jimmer 9:00
8:48 SACOffensive foul on Donte Greene
8:48 SACOffensive Foul turnover on Donte Greene
8:48  TV Timeout
8:3538-25CHAMatt Carroll missed Jump Shot
8:30 CHAOffensive Rebound by D.J. 8:30
8:3038-27CHAD.J. White made Tip-in
8:0940-27SACDonte Greene made Jump Shot
7:5240-29CHAD.J. White made Hook Shot, Assist DeSagana Diop
7:3840-29SACJimmer Fredette missed Jump Shot, Blocked by D.J. White
7:33 CHADefensive Rebound by D.J. 7:33
7:26 CHABad pass turnover on Tyrus Thomas
7:1440-29SACTerrence Williams missed Layup
7:10 SACOffensive Rebound by Terrence 7:10
7:1042-29SACTerrence Williams made Slam Dunk
6:5242-29CHATyrus Thomas missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Francisco Garcia
6:52 CHAOffensive Rebound by Tyrus 6:52
6:41 CHAOut of bounds turnover on Tyrus Thomas
6:2644-29SACTerrence Williams made Jump Shot
6:04 CHABad pass turnover on Tyrus Thomas
6:04 SACFull Timeout
5:4844-29SACTerrence Williams missed Jump Shot
5:45 CHADefensive Rebound by Kemba 5:45
5:2644-29CHAByron Mullens missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:22 SACDefensive Rebound by Chuck 5:22
5:1644-29SACFrancisco Garcia missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:13 CHADefensive Rebound by Bismack 5:13
4:59 SACShooting foul on Francisco Garcia
4:5944-30CHAGerald Henderson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:5944-31CHAGerald Henderson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:4646-31SACDonte Greene made Jump Shot, Assist Chuck Hayes
4:2846-33CHAKemba Walker made Jump Shot, Assist Gerald Henderson
4:2049-33SACJimmer Fredette made 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:1349-35CHADerrick Brown made Layup, Assist Kemba Walker
4:07 SACShooting foul on Chuck Hayes
4:0749-36CHADerrick Brown made Free Throw
3:5849-36SACDonte Greene missed Driving layup
3:54 SACDefensive Rebound by Chuck 3:54
3:5349-36SACChuck Hayes missed Tip-in
3:49 CHADefensive Rebound by Derrick 3:49
3:40 CHALost ball turnover on Byron Mullens, Stolen by Chuck Hayes
3:3551-36SACJimmer Fredette made Driving layup
3:1051-38CHAKemba Walker made Driving layup
2:4151-38SACJimmer Fredette missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:39 CHADefensive Rebound by Byron 2:39
2:29 SACShooting foul on Francisco Garcia
2:29 CHAFull Timeout
2:2951-38CHAByron Mullens missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:2951-39CHAByron Mullens made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:21 CHAShooting foul on Byron Mullens
2:2152-39SACDonte Greene made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:2153-39SACDonte Greene made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:1153-41CHADeSagana Diop made Hook Shot, Assist Derrick Brown
1:5955-41SACTerrence Williams made Jump Shot
1:4755-41CHABismack Biyombo missed Floating Jump Shot
1:43 SACDefensive Rebound by Chuck 1:43
1:4157-41SACDonte Greene made Alley-oop, Assist Jimmer Fredette
1:2157-41CHADeSagana Diop missed Jump Shot
1:17 SACDefensive Rebound by Terrence 1:17
1:04 SACTravelling turnover on Jimmer Fredette
57.0 CHALost ball turnover on Kemba Walker, Stolen by Chuck Hayes
52.059-41SACJimmer Fredette made Driving layup
44.059-41CHAKemba Walker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
40.0 CHAOffensive Rebound by DeSagana 40.0
35.0 SACShooting foul on Chuck Hayes
35.059-42CHADerrick Brown made 1st of 2 Free Throws
35.059-42CHADerrick Brown missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
34.059-42CHAKemba Walker missed Jump Shot
30.0 CHAOffensive Rebound by DeSagana 30.0
24.059-44CHAD.J. White made Alley-oop, Assist Kemba Walker
1.059-44SACFrancisco Garcia missed Layup, Blocked by Kemba Walker
0.0End of period.
3rd Qtr
11:4959-46CHABismack Biyombo made Dunk Shot, Assist Kemba Walker
11:3059-46SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Layup
11:25 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 11:25
11:2561-46SACDeMarcus Cousins made Layup
11:0861-46CHAGerald Henderson missed Leaning Jump Shot
11:02 CHAOffensive Rebound by Gerald 11:02
11:0261-48CHAByron Mullens made Dunk Shot, Assist Derrick Brown
10:4061-48SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Layup, Blocked by Kemba Walker
10:36 CHADefensive Rebound by Kemba 10:36
10:3861-50CHADerrick Brown made Slam Dunk, Assist Kemba Walker
10:38 SACFull Timeout
10:3061-50SACIsaiah Thomas missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:27 CHADefensive Rebound by Byron 10:27
10:06 CHAOffensive foul on Byron Mullens
10:06 CHAOffensive Foul turnover on Byron Mullens
9:5863-50SACTyreke Evans made Driving layup
9:40 SACPersonal foul on Isaiah Thomas
9:2863-50CHAKemba Walker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:24 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 9:24
9:1965-50SACTyreke Evans made Driving layup
8:5365-50CHADerrick Brown missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:48 CHA24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Derrick Brown
8:32 CHAShooting foul on Kemba Walker
8:3266-50SACIsaiah Thomas made 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:3267-50SACIsaiah Thomas made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:2367-52CHAKemba Walker made Driving layup
7:5969-52SACTyreke Evans made Finger-roll Layup, Assist DeMarcus Cousins
7:34 CHALost ball turnover on Gerald Henderson, Stolen by Jason Thompson
7:2371-52SACJason Thompson made Alley-oop, Assist Tyreke Evans
7:23 CHAFull Timeout
7:1171-52CHAKemba Walker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:05 SACLoose ball foul on Tyreke Evans
7:0371-52CHAByron Mullens missed Jump Shot
6:59 SACDefensive Rebound by Tyreke 6:59
6:50 SACShooting foul on DeMarcus Cousins
6:5072-52SACDeMarcus Cousins made 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:5073-52SACDeMarcus Cousins made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:35 SACPersonal foul on Isaiah Thomas
6:2973-52CHAGerald Henderson missed Jump Shot
6:25 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 6:25
6:0575-52SACTyreke Evans made Driving layup
5:4775-52CHAKemba Walker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:43 CHAOffensive Rebound by Derrick 5:43
5:4275-54CHADerrick Brown made Turnaround Jump Shot
5:23 SACLost ball turnover on Isaiah Thomas, Stolen by Derrick Brown
5:18 SACPersonal foul on DeMarcus Cousins
5:0375-56CHADerrick Brown made Layup, Assist Kemba Walker
5:03 SACShooting foul on DeMarcus Cousins
5:0375-57CHADerrick Brown made Free Throw
4:50 CHAShooting foul on Derrick Brown
4:5076-57SACJason Thompson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:5077-57SACJason Thompson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:3177-57CHABismack Biyombo missed Layup, Blocked by Travis Outlaw
4:25 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 4:25
4:2479-57SACTyreke Evans made Driving layup
4:0779-57CHADerrick Brown missed Jump Shot
4:05 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 4:05
3:5681-57SACDeMarcus Cousins made Driving layup
3:40 CHALost ball turnover on Matt Carroll, Stolen by Travis Outlaw
3:3181-57SACTyreke Evans missed Layup, Blocked by Bismack Biyombo
3:24 CHADefensive Rebound by Kemba 3:24
3:2481-57CHAKemba Walker missed Layup
3:18 CHAOffensive Rebound by Byron 3:18
3:17 CHALost ball turnover on Byron Mullens, Stolen by Jason Thompson
3:1383-57SACTyreke Evans made Layup, Assist Jason Thompson
3:13 CHAFull Timeout
2:58 CHALost ball turnover on Derrick Brown, Stolen by DeMarcus Cousins
2:48 SACBad pass turnover on DeMarcus Cousins
2:3783-57CHAMatt Carroll missed Jump Shot
2:34 CHAOffensive Rebound by Derrick 2:34
2:3383-57CHADerrick Brown missed Tip-in
2:29 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 2:29
2:2383-57SACIsaiah Thomas missed Layup
2:16 CHADefensive Rebound by DeSagana 2:16
2:1483-59CHAKemba Walker made Layup
2:0383-59SACTravis Outlaw missed Jump Shot
1:54 CHADefensive Rebound by Kemba 1:54
1:50 SACPersonal foul on Isaiah Thomas
1:5083-60CHAKemba Walker made 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:5083-60CHAKemba Walker missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:50 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 1:50
1:37 CHAPersonal foul on Matt Carroll
1:3485-60SACDeMarcus Cousins made Turnaround Jump Shot
1:1585-63CHAJamario Moon made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist DeSagana Diop
54.085-63SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Layup, Blocked by Byron Mullens
49.0 CHADefensive Rebound by Jamario 49.0
48.085-63CHAJamario Moon missed Layup, Blocked by Tyler Honeycutt
44.0 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 44.0
38.085-63SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Hook Shot
33.0 SACOffensive Rebound by Jason 33.0
35.0 SACLoose ball foul on Jason Thompson
35.085-63CHAKemba Walker missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
35.085-63CHAKemba Walker missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
35.0 CHADefensive Rebound by DeSagana 35.0
34.085-65CHAKemba Walker made Finger-roll Layup, Assist DeSagana Diop
22.0 CHAShooting foul on DeSagana Diop
22.086-65SACDeMarcus Cousins made 1st of 2 Free Throws
22.087-65SACDeMarcus Cousins made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6.087-67CHAKemba Walker made Floating Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
4th Qtr
11:4487-67SACTravis Outlaw missed Driving layup
11:39 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 11:39
11:2287-67CHAMatt Carroll missed Jump Shot
11:16 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 11:16
11:0789-67SACTyreke Evans made Layup
11:07 CHAShooting foul on Cory Higgins
11:0790-67SACTyreke Evans made Free Throw
10:4990-67CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:47 SACDefensive Rebound by Tyreke 10:47
10:4192-67SACDeMarcus Cousins made Layup, Assist Tyreke Evans
10:41 CHAShooting foul on DeSagana Diop
10:4193-67SACDeMarcus Cousins made Free Throw
10:3593-67CHAD.J. White missed Jump Shot
10:32 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 10:32
10:2893-67SACDeMarcus Cousins missed Driving layup
10:24 SACOffensive Rebound by Jason 10:24
10:2395-67SACJason Thompson made Slam Dunk
10:16 CHAFull Timeout
10:0695-67CHABismack Biyombo missed Layup
10:02 SACDefensive Rebound by DeMarcus 10:02
9:5595-67SACTyler Honeycutt missed Driving layup
9:50 CHADefensive Rebound by Bismack 9:50
9:4595-67CHAJamario Moon missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:41 CHAOffensive Rebound by D.J. 9:41
9:3795-67CHABismack Biyombo missed Layup, Blocked by DeMarcus Cousins
9:33 SACDefensive Rebound by Tyler 9:33
9:17 SACBad pass turnover on Jason Thompson
8:59 CHALost ball turnover on Cory Higgins, Stolen by Jason Thompson
8:52 CHAShooting foul on Matt Carroll
8:5295-67SACDeMarcus Cousins missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
8:5296-67SACDeMarcus Cousins made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
8:34 CHALost ball turnover on Jamario Moon, Stolen by Jason Thompson
8:2096-67SACTravis Outlaw missed Fadeaway Jump Shot
8:15 CHADefensive Rebound by Bismack 8:15
8:0896-69CHABismack Biyombo made Hook Shot, Assist D.J. White
7:4796-69SACJimmer Fredette missed Jump Shot
7:3196-69CHAMatt Carroll missed Jump Shot
7:1796-69SACJimmer Fredette missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:13 SACOffensive Rebound by DeMarcus 7:13
7:1298-69SACDeMarcus Cousins made Tip-in
6:59 SACPersonal foul on DeMarcus Cousins
6:5398-71CHACory Higgins made Leaning Jump Shot
6:35100-71SACDeMarcus Cousins made Driving layup
6:19100-71CHACory Higgins missed Jump Shot
6:15 SACDefensive Rebound by Jason 6:15
6:10102-71SACJason Thompson made Driving layup
6:10 CHAShooting foul on Bismack Biyombo
6:10102-71SACJason Thompson missed Free Throw
6:10 CHADefensive Rebound by Jamario 6:10
6:01102-73CHAJamario Moon made Jump Shot
5:42104-73SACTyler Honeycutt made Slam Dunk, Assist Jason Thompson
5:15104-75CHAD.J. White made Layup, Assist Cory Higgins
5:00104-75SACJimmer Fredette missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:58 CHADefensive Rebound by Bismack 4:58
4:53104-75CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:50 SACDefensive Rebound by Tyler 4:50
4:44106-75SACFrancisco Garcia made Jump Shot, Assist Tyler Honeycutt
4:19106-77CHABismack Biyombo made Jump Shot, Assist Matt Carroll
3:55108-77SACChuck Hayes made Layup
3:39108-79CHABismack Biyombo made Slam Dunk, Assist Matt Carroll
3:24110-79SACJimmer Fredette made Floating Jump Shot, Assist Chuck Hayes
3:13  TV Timeout
3:11 CHALost ball turnover on Cory Higgins, Stolen by Jason Thompson
3:04112-79SACJimmer Fredette made Layup, Assist Jason Thompson
2:53112-79CHAMatt Carroll missed Finger-roll Layup
2:48 CHAOffensive Rebound by Tyrus 2:48
2:46 SACPersonal foul on Tyler Honeycutt
2:46 SACFull Timeout
2:42112-81CHATyrus Thomas made Jump Shot, Assist Jamario Moon
2:22112-81SACJimmer Fredette missed Jump Shot
2:20 CHADefensive Rebound by Jamario 2:20
2:06112-84CHAMatt Carroll made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Tyrus Thomas
1:44 CHAPersonal foul on Tyrus Thomas
1:44112-84SACJason Thompson missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:44112-84SACJason Thompson missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:44 CHADefensive Rebound by D.J. 1:44
1:41 SACPersonal foul on Jimmer Fredette
1:31112-86CHAJamario Moon made Alley-oop, Assist D.J. White
1:18112-86SACTyler Honeycutt missed Jump Shot
1:14 CHADefensive Rebound by Cory 1:14
1:07112-86CHACory Higgins missed Jump Shot
1:07 SACTravelling turnover on Tyler Honeycutt
56.0 SACLost ball turnover on Chuck Hayes, Stolen by Jamario Moon
49.0112-88CHATyrus Thomas made Driving layup, Assist Jamario Moon
22.0112-88SACJimmer Fredette missed Jump Shot
18.0 CHADefensive Rebound by D.J. 18.0
5.0 CHALost ball turnover on Jamario Moon, Stolen by Francisco Garcia
1.0 SACTravelling turnover on Francisco Garcia
1.0112-88CHAMatt Carroll missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.