2012 NBA Draft Lottery Results: Hornets win No. 1 overall pick

The draft lottery Wednesday night can alter franchise history. (Getty Images)

The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery was held Wednesday evening. The New Orleans Hornets won the first overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, while the Charlotte Bobcats received the second pick and the Washington Wizards received the third.  

Pick Team Percent chance at top pick
No.1 13.7%
No.2 25.0%
No.3 19.9%
No.4 13.8%
No.5 7.6%
No.6 7.5%
No.7 3.6%
No.8 3.5%
No.9 1.7%
No.10 1.1%
No.11 .0.8%
No.12 0.7%
No.13 0.6%
No.14 0.5%
No.15 --
No.16 --
No.17 --
No.18 --
No.19 --
No.20 --
No.21 --
No.22 --
No.23 --
No.24 --
No.25 --
No.26 --
No.27 --
No.28 --
No.29 --
No.30 --
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