2013 NBA Draft: Ties broken for draft order selection

Before the NBA Draft Lottery could happen May 21, tiebreakers for teams that finished with identical records needed to happen to determine the order selection and odds for the lottery.

The random drawings were conducted by NBA executives Jason Cahilly and Dan Rube. Denise Pelli, a partner in accounting firm Ernst & Young, oversaw the tiebreaking process.

There were five tiebreakers. The results of the random drawings were:

  • Detroit (29-53) won a tiebreaker with Washington.
  • Philadelphia (34-48) won a tiebreaker with Toronto.
  • Houston (45-37) won a tiebreaker with Chicago and the Los Angeles Lakers; Lakers then won a tiebreaker with Chicago.
  • Los Angeles Clippers (56-26) won a tiebreaker with Memphis.

The Philadelphia-Toronto tiebreaker was important for Oklahoma City, which most likely gets the draft pick from the Raptors. The Thunder were hoping for the Raptors to win, but Philly will get to pick 11th in the NBA Draft and the Thunder will probably now pick 12th.

Here are the updated lottery chances and the order of the draft after the lottery (note: second round order can't be set entirely until after the draft lottery occurs):

Orlando Magic (250 out of 1,000)

Charlotte Bobcats (199 out of 1,000)

Cleveland Cavaliers (156 out of 1,000)

Phoenix Suns (119 out of 1,000)

New Orleans Pelicans (88 out of 1,000)

Sacramento Kings (63 out of 1,000)

Detroit Pistons (36 out of 1,000)

Washington Wizards (35 out of 1,000)

Minnesota Timberwolves (17 out of 1,000)

Portland Trail Blazers (11 out of 1,000 and can be conveyed to the Bobcats)

Philadelphia 76ers (8 out of 1,000)

Toronto Raptors (7 out of 1,000 and can be conveyed to the Thunder via the Rockets)

Dallas Mavericks (6 out of 1,000)

Utah Jazz (5 out of 1,000)

First round outside of the lottery

15.  Milwaukee Bucks

16.  Boston Celtics

17.  Atlanta Hawks

18.  Houston Rockets (To Atlanta via Brooklyn)

19.  LA Lakers (To Cleveland)

20.  Chicago Bulls

21.  Golden State Warriors (To Utah via Brooklyn)

22.  Brooklyn Nets

23.  Indiana Pacers

24.  New York Knicks

25.  LA Clippers  

26.  Memphis Grizzlies

27.  Denver Nuggets

28.  San Antonio Spurs

29.  Oklahoma City Thunder

30.  Miami Heat (To Phoenix via LA Lakers & Cleveland)

Second round of the draft

31. Orlando (To Cleveland)

32. Charlotte (To Oklahoma City)

33. Cleveland

34. Phoenix (To Houston)

35. New Orleans (To Philadelphia)

36. Sacramento

37/38. Washington

37/38. Detroit

39. Minnesota (To Portland via Boston and Cleveland)

40. Portland

41/42. Toronto (To Memphis)

41/42. Philadelphia

43. Milwaukee

44. Dallas

45. Boston (To Portland)

46. Utah

47. Atlanta

48. LA Lakers

49. Chicago

50. Houston (To Atlanta)

51. Golden State (To Orlando via Denver and New York)

52. Brooklyn (To Minnesota)

53. Indiana

54. New York (To Washington)

55. Memphis

56. LA Clippers (To Detroit)

57. Denver (To Phoenix via LA Lakers)

58. San Antonio

59. Oklahoma City (To Minnesota)

60. Miami (To Memphis)

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