2013 NBA Draft: Wizards select Otto Porter with the No. 3 pick

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With the third pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Washington Wizards selected Otto Porter out of Georgetown.

Porter is a do-it-all small forward who showed incredible growth with his 3-point shooting the year before he declared for the draft. The sophomore wing has an incredible wingspan of 7-2 even though he stands 6-9. The combination of his reach and ability to knock down the outside shot is the new model for good role players on the wing like we've seen recently with Kawhi Leonard, Harrison Barnes and Danny Green. Porter has incredible potential defensively.

He joins a young Washington Wizards core that includes John Wall (No. 1 pick in 2010 draft) and Bradley Beal (No. 3 pick in the 2012 draft). Wall has been up and down as a pro but exploded with a great second half of the season in 2012-13 when he came back from a knee injury and almost immediately turned the Wizards around. In this time, Beal found his 3-point stroke and became a great 1-2 combination in the backcourt with Wall.

If Porter can become a third head of that perimeter hydra for the Wizards, they can start focusing on ruling the outside on both ends of the floor and building their inside as they focus on reshaping the rest of the roster. 

The Wizards are scheduled to pick again at 38 and 54.

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