2013 NBA playoffs opening weekend: Viewers guide for Saturday

Are we going to see words exchanged again? (USATSI)
Are we going to see words exchanged again? (USATSI)

Celtics at Knicks, Game 1, 3 p.m. ET by Zach Harper

Why to watch: These are two of the biggest markets in the NBA with two of the oldest franchises that hold plenty of animosity toward each other. As the series goes along, there will be plenty of verbal barbs that spill over to the intensity on the court. You're going to see a battered defensive-minded Celtics team face off against a 3-point happy Knicks team that can overwhelm you with a flick of the wrist. 

Awesome elements:

Sneaky key to Game 1: How do the Boston Celtics create turnovers against the Knicks? The Knicks had the lowest turnover rate in the NBA this year, and it's part of the reason they've been so successful. They may take bad shots at the rim, but they never shoot themselves in the collective foot. With Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley pressuring the backcourt of the Knicks, can they make Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd be sloppy with the ball and turn that into quick points the other way? Boston has to score a lot of points to keep up with New York and this may be the only way they can do it. 

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