2017 NBA Finals: Scottie Pippen says Steph Curry 'not best player on either team'

Scottie Pippen is one of the greatest to ever play the game. He was a fierce defender, pairing with Michael Jordan to win six championships on some of the greatest teams in NBA history. Now, Pippen is a regular on ESPN's The Jump where he speaks his mind on the NBA today. 

With the NBA Finals coming up, The Jump discussed the status of Steph Curry and the Warriors as they get ready to take on the Cavaliers. Rachel Nichols opens with a monologue on Curry's accomplishments and how despite this he enters this finals with something to prove. As Nichols, Pippen, Paul Pierce and Byron Scott discuss Curry it's Pippen who drops a bombshell on the conversation.

"I think we also have to look at it now that he's not the best player on either team. Even though he's a two time MVP. Right now he's not the best player on his team. He's not a dominant player. He's a great player and the things that he does on the basketball court forces Cleveland to have to do things to get the ball out of his hands, but in terms of what LeBron and KD can do those guys can dominate you in all areas of the game."

What Pippen says isn't entirely wrong. A great case can be made that Durant truly is the best player on the Warriors. Look no further than when Golden State lost Durant to injury earlier in the season. Durant has acted as their rim protector for much of the season. He can shoot from anywhere on the floor with little pressure from the defense. There was an obvious hole that had to be filled and the Warriors looked vulnerable at times without him.

However, the Warriors are never better than when Curry has it going. When he's bending an entire defense to his will, and forcing rotations to create open looks, he becomes a force with or without the ball in his hands that is equal to Durant's. At least offensively. Durant might be the best player on the Warriors, but what Curry does for Golden State may be more important.

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