2017 NBA playoff odds: How the pros are betting on first-round series

The NBA playoffs are here, so it's time to get in those series bets for the first round. Teams like the Warriors are heavily favored for a reason, and most Vegas pros wouldn't go near them.

There are a few series, however, where betting on the underdog seems to be the smart play.

SportsLine checked in with BookMaker.eu to see how the pros are betting on the first round, and they found three teams that are getting a lot of action.

One of them is the Pacers against the Cavs. That's right, the defending champion is actually being bet against to lose its opening series. The Pacers were getting action when they were +675, so BookMaker was forced to move the line to +639.

Another low seed is also getting "very significant" action to take out one of the best teams in the playoffs.

See which low seed is drawing a ton of pro bettor money for the first round of the NBA Playoffs

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