2018 NBA Draft rumors: Lakers may have promised Kevin Huerter he would be their pick at No. 25

The Lakers might not have their own pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, but they still have the 25th selection in the first round, thanks to a trade they made with Cleveland. This might not sound like a great spot for Los Angeles to make a solid selection, but the best teams can add talent from any position of the draft. 

If reports are to be believed, then the Lakers may have already found who they want to select at No. 25: Kevin Huerter of Maryland. At 6-foot-7, Huerter is a guard that can stretch the floor for the Lakers if they were to select him.

This report about Huerter comes out shortly after the news that he's going to need hand surgery. Huerter is currently projected in Gary Parrish's mock draft to be taken at No. 24 to Portland, but will the injury cause him to fall on draft night?

Does the hand injury bother the Lakers at all is the real question. They should already know about it and they probably made Huerter a promise with the injury in mind. If that's the case, then he shouldn't have to worry about falling out of the first round. 

This report also indicates a potential change in the Lakers' thinking. In late May, they were frequently connected to Mitchell Robinson earlier in the process, with some rumors that he had received a promise by the Lakers to get picked at No. 25, but those always felt more like whispers than concrete rumors.

Robinson is currently projected to go No. 27 to Boston in Gary Parrish's mock draft. We don't know if Huerter or Robinson have received a promise from the Lakers, but it's pretty clear they're going to be in the mix for the No. 25 selection.

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