The Mavericks and Hawks agreed to a deal that will have them swapping draft picks. The Mavericks moved up in the 2018 NBA Draft to No. 3 and take Luka Doncic with their pick. The Hawks moved down to No. 5 before taking Trae Young out of Oklahoma. The Mavericks will send a future protected first round pick to Atlanta as well.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced the terms of the deal shortly after the Mavericks selected Young for the Hawks at No. 5.

This deal was in the works most of Thursday with Dallas adamant about moving up for Doncic. Atlanta on the other hand was never as thrilled with him as they were with other prospects.

With this trade, Dallas takes one of the best prospects to come out of Europe ever. At 19 years old, Doncic has won multiple championships and was EuroLeague MVP in his final season in Europe. He confirmed on ESPN before the draft that he did intend to play in the NBA this season, so the Mavericks won't have to worry about him not coming over immediately.

The Hawks, on the other hand, get one of the best shooters in the draft. It's maybe no coincidence that Hawks GM Travis Schlenk, a former Warriors executive, took a player that many people compared to Stephen Curry while he was in college. Young can shoot with the best of them and has creation skills that, if they translate well to the NBA, should make him a feared player.