2018 NBA free agency: Lakers, JaVale McGee agree to one-year, minimum deal, report says

The Lakers wasted no time filling out their roster after LeBron James announced that he would be joining them. Once the decision was made, they immediately went out and worked on adding veterans that could help them win now. One of those veterans, according to ESPN's Chris Haynes, is Javale McGee.

McGee and the Lakers agreeing to a reported one-year, mimimum deal had to be a little surprising for some, but McGee is actually not the worst fit next to James. He won two championships with the Warriors in a very simple role. He blocked shots and he caught alley-oops. It was simple, it worked, and it made McGee look very good.

Of course, that's as long as McGee stays in a limited role. If the Lakers try to play him major minutes, or make him a starter, then that could be a problem. McGee has proven to be best used in small doses. 

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As the Lakers fill out their roster, it will be interesting to see what players they put around James. They've already reportedly brought back Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and added Lance Stephenson, but Los Angeles can't just go out and sign players, hoping that it all works out. They need pieces that fit together well. McGee can be a piece that works, but only if the rest of the team around him makes sense. Otherwise he's just a really tall, athletic guy that dunks sometimes. The Lakers need a system that lets him be more than that.

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