The Knicks enter NBA free agency in an interesting position. With a new coach in David Fizdale, a young star in Kristaps Porzingis, and a mishmash roster of veterans and youth the Knicks could really go in any direction they want. 

If they wanted to chase after veterans and make a run at the playoffs, they can. If they want to punt on the year and collect assets, they could do that too.

New York is one of the many capped out NBA teams, but that doesn't mean the Knicks are helpless in free agency. They can still make trades and they can give out inexpensive contracts to fill out the roster. 

Actually, that's what should be expected from the Knicks this summer. Via The New York Times:

The Knicks' president, Steve Mills, in a radio interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, announced that New York did not plan to give free agents anything other than one-year contracts to maintain maximum financial flexibility for the summer of 2019. The Knicks, though, will hardly be alone when it comes to pitching short-term deals.  

The cap is expected to rise once again in the summer of 2019 and the Knicks will be one of many teams looking to cash in that year. It probably won't feature the same kind of star power as 2018, but players like Klay Thompson and Kemba Walker should be available that summer. Not to mention New York will need to spend some money re-signing Porzingis.

Whatever decision the Knicks do make for next season, whether it's asset collection or winning games, just know that it's being made with 2019 in mind. That might be frustrating for some fans, but it's a little bit of patience that hasn't been seen from New York in a while. Maybe it'll pay off this time.