Watch Now: Can the Knicks land big-name free agents in 2019? (0:57)

A year ago, Kyrie Irving was requesting a trade from the Cavaliers to another contender, which ended up being the Celtics. He seemed happy with the result, but that doesn't mean he can't choose to leave once his contract ends. According to a report from ESPN, when Irving becomes a free agent one of the teams he will consider is the Knicks.

New York was one of the original destinations Irving reportedly wanted when he requested a trade from Cleveland. Players change their minds, and winning will certainly help Irving's desire to stay in Boston, but that doesn't mean Irving can't at least explore his options when he hits free agency:

According to ESPN's Chris Haynes, the Knicks were among the teams Irving wanted to be traded to last summer. Several executives expect Irving to give the Knicks consideration next summer if he tests free agency, per ESPN's Ian Begley.  

Irving can choose to become a free agent at the end of next season if he chooses. He will likely opt out of his contract no matter what just so he can get a better contract, but what he does after that is anybody guess. Obviously, the Celtics will want to re-sign him at any price he asks. They traded away valuable assets for Irving with the intent of building around both him and Gordon Hayward. Losing Irving after only two seasons would be catastrophic.

One thing we know about Irving is that while he likes winning, it's not the only driving force behind his decision making. If that was the case then he probably wouldn't have requested a trade from the title contending Cavaliers. He's been reported to have an interest in teaming up with Jimmy Butler one day, but where that ends up being is still unknown. It could be the Knicks. New York is currently biding its time and waiting for that summer, when it will have more cap space. This could be a situation where the Knicks are in the perfect place at the perfect time to get a star free agent.