2019 NBA free agency tracker: Kawhi Leonard picks Clippers; Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving to Nets; Celtics sign Kemba Walker

It's safe to say that this summer has been one of craziest free agency periods that the NBA has ever seen. There's been more movement around the league than has been seen in quite some time with several big names changing addresses.

There were many huge moves with none bigger than Kawhi Leonard picking the Los Angeles Clippers. Also, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both joined the Brooklyn Nets. In addition to those seismic shifts, Kemba Walker will  take Irving's place as the point guard with the Boston Celtics. The Warriors might've lost Durant, but they aren't walking away empty-handed, though, as they acquired All-Star guard D'Angelo Russell in a sign-and-trade with the Nets. They also re-signed Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney. Additionally, Jimmy Butler relocated from Philadelphia to Miami, while Al Horford left Boston for Philadelphia. 

With over 200 free agents this summer, keeping track of who's signing where can be a lot to handle, so we're here to help you out with this convenient list. Happy free agency season!

Top 2019 NBA Free Agents
RankPlayerPOSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1FReportedly agreed to three-year, $103M deal.
2FReportedly agreed to four-year, $164M deal.
3GReportedly agreed to four-year, $141M deal.
4GReportedly agreed to four-year, $141M deal.
5GReportedly agreed to five-year, $190M deal.
6FReportedly agreed to five-year, $158M deal.
7GReportedly agreed to four-year, $142M deal.
8FReportedly agreed to five-year, $180M deal.
9FReportedly agreed to five-year, $178M deal.
10CReportedly agreed to four-year, $100M deal.
11GReportedly agreed to four-year, $117M deal.
12GReportedly agreed to four-year, $85M deal.
13GReportedly agreed to two-year, $26.5M deal.
14CReportedly agreed to one-year deal.
15CReportedly agreed to four-year, $109M deal.
16FReportedly agreed to four-year, $73M deal.
17FReportedly agreed to three-year, $63M deal.
18CReportedly agreed to four-year, $52M deal.
19CReportedly agreed to four-year, $40M deal.
20FReportedly agreed to four-year, $85M deal.
21FReportedly agreed to one-year, $15 million deal.
22GReportedly agreed to three-year, $40M deal.
Will play in Spain next season.
24FReportedly agreed to three-year, $41M deal.
25GReportedly agreed to three-year, $58M deal.
26FReportedly agreed to two-year, $25M deal.
27CReportedly agreed to three-year, $45M deal.
28GReportedly agreed to three-year, $51M deal.
29FReportedly agreed to two-year, $30 deal.
30GReportedly agreed to three-year, $31.5M deal.
31GReportedly agreed to four-year, $54M deal.
32GReportedly agreed to two-year, minimum deal.
33FReportedly agreed to two-year, $32M deal.
34GReportedly agreed to two-year, $30M deal.
Announced retirement from NBA.
36FReportedly agreed to two-year, $31M deal.
37GReportedly agreed to two-year, $15M deal.
38FReportedly agreed to three-year, $29M deal.
39CReportedly agreed to deal worth slightly over minimum.
40CReportedly agreed to two-year, $10M deal.
41GReportedly agreed to two-year, $16M deal.
42FReportedly agreed to two-year deal.
43GReportedly agreed to three-year, $30M deal.
44CReportedly agreed to three-year, $15M deal.
45GReportedly agreed to two-year, $16M deal.
46CReportedly agreed to three-year, $40M deal.
47GReportedly agreed to two-year deal.
48CReportedly agreed to two-year, $10M deal.
Seth Curry (28)
GReportedly agreed to four-year, $32M deal.
50CReportedly agreed to three-year, $25M deal.
51GReportedly agreed to three-year, $37M deal.
52GReportedly agreed to three-year, $29M deal.
53GReportedly agreed to two-year, $10M deal.
54FReportedly agreed to two-year, $13M deal.
55FReportedly agreed to two-year, $20M deal.
56FReportedly agreed to two-year, $7.4M deal.
57FReportedly agreed to two-year, $10M deal.
58FReportedly agreed to deal.
59FReportedly agreed to two-year, $9.6M deal.
60FReportedly agreed to two-year, minimum deal.
61GReportedly agreed to two-year, $21 million deal.
62FReportedly agreed to four-year, $35M deal.
63FReportedly agreed to two-year, $10M deal.
64FReportedly agreed to one-year, $2.5M deal.
65GReportedly agreed to two-year, minimum deal.
66GReportedly agreed to one-year, $2.1M deal.
67GReportedly agreed to two-year, $16M deal.
68GReportedly agreed to two-year, $12M deal.
69GReportedly agreed to one-year, minimum deal.
70FReportedly agreed to three-year, $11.1M deal.
71CReportedly agreed to two-year, $10M deal.
72GReportedly agreed to deal.
73CReportedly agreed to one-year, minimum deal.
74GReportedly agreed to one-year deal.
75GReportedly agreed to one-year deal.
76FReportedly agreed to two-year, $4.1M deal.
77GReportedly agreed to one-year deal.
78FReportedly agreed to two-year deal.
79FReportedly agreed to one-year, $2.6M deal.
80FReportedly agreed to one-year, $2.6M deal.
81GReportedly agreed to one-year deal.
82FReportedly agreed to one-year, $2.6M deal.
83GReportedly agreed to three-year, $15M deal.
84GReportedly agreed to two-year, $7M deal.
85CReportedly agreed to two-year, $7M deal.
86GReportedly agreed to two-year, $14.25M deal.
87FReportedly agreed to three-year, $11.5M deal.
88GReportedly agreed to one-year, minimum deal.
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