2019 NBA title odds: Lakers' odds skyrocket after LeBron James agrees to sign with Los Angeles

Teams that have LeBron James typically win a lot of games, and that's the scenario the Lakers find themselves in right now after James announced his decision to sign with the Lakers on Sunday night. 

Back in early June, the Lakers were given title odds around 16-1. Decent odds, but nothing spectacular. However, now that they've signed James, the Lakers odds have increased.

Westgate Sportsbook currently has the Lakers' odds set at 7-2, with the Warriors set as favorites to win another title at 10-11. The Celtics are also at 7-2, while the Rockets are close behind at 7-1.

Now that the Lakers have James, their chances of winning a title increase just by having him alone. James comes to Los Angeles on an eight-year appearance streak in the NBA Finals.

It's safe to say that James makes the Lakers a better team, but their road to title contention is still long. Right now James is the only true star on the Lakers roster. They have some nice young pieces like Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, but none of them have broken out yet into players that can help win a title. Of course, the Lakers could always trade for someone like Kawhi Leonard, or sign someone like DeMarcus Cousins to try and speed up the process of becoming contenders.

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