The New York Knicks have not had the best of luck for, well, a while and Thursday night was no different. Knicks fans were glued to their televisions, dressed in orange and blue, waiting for their team's name to be called at No. 1 at the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery. You can predict what happened next: they were instead called at a disappointing No. 8.

The whole thing feels almost a little too on the nose for the Knicks, who seem to get bad news after bad news.

New York hasn't had the No. 1 pick since 1985, when they drafted Patrick Ewing. Still, every year Knicks fans stay so positive. Inspiring, really.

While Knicks fan were disappointed yet again, the rest of the NBA laughed as the team that went 21-45 was rewarded with... the No. 8 pick in the upcoming draft.

Fans and players alike took to social media to give their takes, and plenty of jokes, on another sad Knicks story. Here are some of the best reactions:

The Knicks stayed as optimistic as they could.

Same look this year.

De'Aaron Fox predicted the Knicks were "sick" over the selection. He's probably right.

He then wanted to make it clear he wasn't hating on New York.

Enes Kanter expressed his thoughts with a laughing emoji.

He then shared an old photo from when he was with the team, clarifying that there's "nothing but love."

 Spencer Dinwiddie, as you does a lot, was laughing over the Knicks.

He added:

Hang in there Knicks fans.