The condensed 2020 NBA offseason is under way, and many of the top free agents are off the board, including the Charlotte-bound Gordon Hayward and returning Raptor Fred VanVleet, both of whom reached agreements on Saturday. Anthony Davis also signed a max deal to return to the Lakers. Two more big names found new homes when Marc Gasol signed with the Lakers, and Aron Baynes joined the Raptors to replace him. Also, Brandon Ingram re-signed with the Pelicans as one of the biggest names is officially off the list of available free agents.

While most of the stars have signed at this point, there are still plenty of players available, and there might very well be names on this list of 100 free agents who remain unsigned when training camps open on Dec. 1. 

The list will be updated continually to reflect the latest reported agreements. 

For more on free agency, here is a primer with a blurb for every single one of these players.

Top 2020 NBA Free Agents
RankPlayerPOSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1PFAgreed to 5-year, $190M deal
2SFAgreed to 5-year, $158M deal
3PGAgreed to 4-year, $85M deal
Gordon Hayward (30)
SFAgreed to 4-year, $120M deal
5SGAgreed to 4-year, $72M deal
6PFAgreed to 3-year, $41M deal
7SFAgreed to 4-year, $75M deal
8PFAgreed to 3-year, $61.5M deal
9PGAgreed to 2-year, $37.4M deal
10PFAgreed to 3-year, $60M deal
11PFAgreed to 5-year, $80M deal
12CAgreed to 2-year, $19M deal
13PFAgreed to 4-year, $64M deal
14CAgreed to 2-year, $19M deal
15CAgreed to 2-year, $5.3M deal
16SGAgreed to 3-year, $40M deal
17SGAgreed to 4-year, $35M deal
18PFAgreed to 1-year, $10M-plus deal
19SGAgreed to 4-year, $60M deal
20CAgreed to 3-year, $27M deal
21CAgreed to 2-year, $14.3M deal
22CAgreed to 2-year, $19M deal
23PFAgreed to 3-year, $30M deal
24SFAgreed to 3-year, $18.1M deal
25CAgreed to 3-year, $27M deal
26PFAgreed to 3-year, $21M deal
27SFAgreed to 1-year, $2.3M deal
28CAgreed to 3-year, $27M deal
29SGAgreed to 4-year, $52M deal
30PFAgreed to 2-year, $19M deal
31SGAgreed to 1-year, $3.6M deal
32PGAgreed to 2-year, $15M deal
33PFAgreed to 2-year, $15M deal
34SFAgreed to 2-year, $21M deal
35PFAgreed to 1-year, $3.6M deal
36CAgreed to 1-year deal
37SGAgreed to deal
Elfrid Payton (26)
PGAgreed to 1-year, $5M deal
40CAgreed to deal
41PGAgreed to 3-year, $21M deal
42PGAgreed to 2-year, $11.6M deal
43PGAgreed to 3-year deal
44PGAgreed to 2-year, $10M deal
45SFAgreed to 2-year deal
47SGAgreed to 3-year, 11.5M deal
49CAgreed to 1-year deal
50CAgree to 1-year deal
51PGAgreed to 1-year deal
52CAgreed to 3-year, $25M deal
53CAgreed to 1-year, $2.6M deal
54SGAgreed to 1-year, $5M deal
55PFAgreed to 1-year minimum deal
57SGAgreed to 1-year, $2.4 million deal
58PGAgreed to 1-year, $2.25M deal
59SGAgreed to 2-year deal
60PGAgreed to 1-year, $1.8M deal
61PGAgreed to 1-year deal
62SGAgreed to 1-year deal
63SGAgreed to 1-year, $6M deal
64CAgreed to 2-year, $8.2 million deal
65PFAgreed to minimum 1-year deal
66CAgreed to deal
67PFAgreed to deal
68CAgreed to 1-year deal
70SFAgreed to deal
71SFAgreed to one-year deal
73CAgreed to 2-year, $13.5M deal
75CAgreed to 3-year, $5.29M deal
76CAgreed to one-year deal
77SGAgreed to qualifying offer to remain a two-way player
78SFAgreed to 4-year, $9M deal
79SFAgreed to deal
80CAgreed to 1-year deal
81SFAgreed to deal
82SFAgreed to 2-year deal
83SGAgreed to 3-year, $16M deal
84CAgreed to 2-year, $7.5M deal
86CAgreed to 2-year, $20M deal
87PGAgreed to deal
89SGAgreed to 1-year, minimum deal
92SGSigned a 1-year deal
93SFSigned a 1-year, $4.7M deal
94SGAgreed to 1-year deal
95PFAgreed to a deal
96PFAgreed to 1-year, $2.6M deal
98SGAgreed to 2-year, $4M deal
99SGAgreed to 2-year deal
100PFAgreed to 2-year, minimum deal