76ers attempt to thank Jimmy Butler for his service, thank 'Jimmy Buter' instead

Say what you want about Jimmy Butler but he's ready to leave the Ls behind. 

That's the easiest explanation for how the Philadelphia 76ers made such an egregious error in Butler's goodbye message over the weekend. After trading Butler to the Miami Heat, the Sixers posted a "thank you" tweet to Butler on Saturday, but they accidentally thanked "Jimmy Buter" instead. 

Seriously, that happened. 

As you'd imagine, the team got absolutely roasted for the spelling error before deleting the post and re-uploading with a corrected version.

Unfortunately, it wasn't quick enough to avoid getting mocked by the internet. Most of the jokes that came at the Sixers' expense were dairy related.

In case you were concerned, Butler doesn't seemed too concerned with the lack of accuracy in his farewell from Philly. 

The Heat acquired Butler in a four-team trade with the 76ers, Clippers and Trail Blazers earlier this month. Miami dealt Josh Richardson, Hassan Whiteside and their 2023 first-round pick in order to land Butler from Philly and Meyers Leonard from Portland.

Fortunately for Leonard, he got a more fitting tribute from the Blazers.

Best of luck to Buter in South Beach. 

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