For the fourth year in a row, the Philadelphia 76ers will have a top-five pick in the NBA Draft, as they'll be picking No. 3 overall on June 22. 

Teams need to not only figure out if a player has the necessary skills on the court, but if there will be any off-court troubles that may cause a problem. Usually we don't hear much about the off-court stuff, except in rare cases like Lonzo Ball, a presumptive top pick in this year's draft, whose father, LaVar Ball, has made a habit of saying outlandish things in the media. 

The Ball patriarch isn't a concern for the team picking just ahead of the 76ers, as the Lakers brass indicated they aren't worried about his potential influence. As for Philadelphia, however, they appear to feel a bit differently. Well, at least legendary basketball executive and former USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo, who is a special adviser to the 76ers, does. 

Speaking Friday afternoon on the "Carlin & Reese" radio show in Philadelphia, Colangelo noted some concerns about those around Lonzo Ball. While he didn't mention LaVar by name, it would seem almost certain he is talking about him. 

Despite his reservations, Colangelo still thinks that Ball is worth drafting, because skill trumps all. 

The 76ers may not have to worry about whether or not to pick Ball, as most expect him to be off the board by the time their turn to pick comes around.