It's well known that before games Joel Embiid consumes a ridiculous amount of food, anywhere from four spicy chicken sandwiches to burgers and fries. His eating habits have always been a major knock on him because his weight and conditioning have kept him from playing extended periods of time. 

That might be changing for the upcoming season, as Embiid announced -- through a sponsored ad -- that he's dropped 25 pounds this summer.

Paqui Chips Challenge

The Paqui Chips #OneChipChallenge? A total walk in the park for me. 😜🔥 Watch to find out who I challenge to take on the world’s hottest chip. #ad

Posted by Joel Embiid on Thursday, September 12, 2019

In this One Chip Challenge video, the Kansas product tries to stomach the Paqui's "ultra spicy haunted Carolina Reaper Pepper" chip while profusely sweating and trying to find any sort of relief to ease the pain. He then reveals as he's about to down his second glass of milk that he's lost a considerable amount of weight.

"This summer I lost about 25 pounds, I'm about to put it back on with this milk," Embiid said in the video posted to his Facebook account. 

If that's actually true, and it wasn't just a spontaneous response while eating an incredibly hot chip and writhing in pain then that should be great news for the 76ers. Embiid weighed in at 250 pounds last season, so shedding 25 off that number would be a huge relief not just for Philadelphia who want their star player to be in the best shape possible to play in meaningful playoff games, but for Embiid too, who can unlock the next level of his game with some better conditioning. 

Maybe this One Chip Challenge will scare Embiid to stay on whatever clean-eating diet he's currently on that slimmed him down this offseason. If so, there's no telling what kind of performance we're about to get from the big man this upcoming season.