76ers' Nick Young will not stop gunning because he's still Nick Young

I'm guessing he just took a jumper. (US Presswire)

I hope you're sitting down for this: Philadelphia's Nick Young is a gunner.

I'll wait for you to get your legs back under you before I continue. Young is one of the more recognizable gunners among NBA fans. He's one of those shoot-first, shoot-second, pass only on inbounds type of scorers in the NBA. He has averaged 11.4 points on 9.8 shots for his career. He's a career 42.8 percent shooter. He has more 3-pointers made (380) in his career than assists (340). 

He's not an out-of-control player, either. He has averaging just 1.8 turnovers per 36 minutes for his career. When the ball comes to him, he's not going to wildly try to create a play for himself. He's just going to shoot the ball because that's what he does.

To start this season, Young has been in a big slump. He has averaging 9.0 points on 10.3 shot attempts per game. He has made just 33.9 percent of his shots and 28 percent of his 3-pointers. Is it possible he'll change his approach and look for better shot selection to break out of his slump? Via CSNPhilly.com:

“I’ve been in the league for a while and I’ve seen it all,” Young said. “I’ve been through stages where I had three or four bad games in a row, and then the next one I came out and scored 45."

Couple of funny things about this: 

  1. His career high is 43 points. He was a little bit off on that, but I guess that's just picking nits. 
  2. He had two bad games before that game. He went 6 of 15 for 16 points against the New Jersey Nets and 3 of 8 for seven points against the Charlotte Bobcats before his 43-point outburst against the Sacramento Kings on Jan. 11, 2011. Twenty-three points on 23 shots is just about what his career rate would tell you he'd do.
  3. Three games before his career scoring night, Nick Young had 21 points on 9 of 16 shooting. 

Later in the article, Sixers coach Doug Collins, a former gunner himself, gave a great quote about someone like Young possibly getting to the free throw line or getting some buckets at the rim in order to get his jumper going.

“What I always said and what Reggie Miller was the king of, can you start the game with a layup or can you get to the free throw line where you don’t have to hit a home run all the time, Collins said. “When you have to hit a lot of home runs, you get a lot of strike outs.”

Young apparently loved that thought process and later stated, "Once I see two go down in a row, that’s pretty much a wrap on the game."

That might be the most Nick Young quote ever. 

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