76ers rookie Markelle Fultz free of shoulder soreness; to be reevaluated in three weeks

Markelle Futlz hasn't had the rookie year everybody was hoping to see due to a shoulder injury. The nagging injury forced Fultz to play an offensive style that was far less aggressive than what he's used to, and forced him into a weird shooting motion. Eventually, the 76ers made him inactive so his shoulder could recover.

Fultz hasn't played since October 23, but he recently rejoined the team with hope he could make a return sometime this season. The Sixers provided some more good news recently on their rookie, announcing that he's no longer experiencing soreness in his right shoulder. In three weeks, the team will reevaluate him. 

The big news here, besides Fultz sounding healthy, is there's an actual timetable for Philadelphia to follow. Best-case scenario, Fultz is evaluated in three weeks and the Sixers can begin the process of getting him back into the rotation and playing again. Of course, that's the best-case scenario. Who knows how healthy is healthy enough, but Philadelphia would be smart to stay cautious with him.

If Fultz does return, it will be interesting to see how the Sixers implement him back into the offense. 

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