A sporting goods store may have accidentally leaked the new Lakers jerseys

The new(ish) Lakers jerseys aren't set to be formally unveiled until July 30, but at this point they're basically the worst-kept secret in all of sports. 

Over the past few months we've gotten hints and rumors that the Lakers' new look would be reminiscent of the 1980s "Showtime" style that's synonymous with Magic Johnson & Co. Some informed mockups from SportsLogos.net suggested that Los Angeles would be channeling the retro look, and that seemed to be validated by the new Lakers jersey shirts that hit the team store this week. Those "shirseys" featured numbers in the style of the Showtime Lakers unis.

But the most compelling piece of evidence indicating that Showtime is on its way back came this week, courtesy of the sporting goods store Modell's, who tweeted a picture of the jerseys on a sales rack. That tweet was quickly deleted (presumably because, again, the team hasn't officially unveiled the uniforms yet) but not before someone saved the image. Way to go Modell's!

While those jerseys are very similar to the Showtime look, they're not exact replicas. It's tough to get a real impression based off of one photo, but there appear to be some some minor tweaks -- including with the collar, the shadowing and the shade of yellow used in the uniform. (The new jerseys appear to be much brighter.) 

The Lakers are reportedly set to unveil purple and white versions of the look as well, but we may have to wait until the 30th to get a good look at those. But, considering how much trouble the team is having at keeping these under wraps, maybe not. 

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