Adam Silver says tanking makes him nervous, thinks it doesn't work

Tanking, the art of making your team bad enough that you wind up getting a high lottery spot, has been the rage of debate in basketball circles each spring and summer. The theory goes that tanking is what's behind bad basketball, not, you know, the natural food chain circumstances of competitive environments or a natural inclination for teams and players to check out when they have nothing left to play for an 20 games to play through for that nothing. 

In an interview with, NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver shared his thoughts on tanking. In short, it doesn't work, and the NBA may have to look into doing something about it. 

"I don't think it works, because culture is critical," Silver said. "And I don't think you can build a winning tradition with an undercurrent that "it's better to be bad." I've never seen it be succesful. It makes me nervous that it has to be asked, so I recognize it's something the league has to focus on."

I don't think the league has to do anything. Teams are always going to be bad, eliminating the draft is only going to wind up making it harder for competitive balance, which the league has made a big deal of championing (as a backdoor to the massive monetary gains in CBA negotiations they actually care about). 

The system's not perfect. You know why? It's a system with people in it! Often times one involving misguided or downright foolish decision making! That's the cost of doing business with human beings. I'm all for progress and change, but at some point you're fixing things that aren't broken. 

Unless you want to do the NBA Job Fair concept I came up with. Then I'm cool with it. 

Either way, don't expect the tanking talk to go down. Now it's on Silver's radar and that means the media grumbling has hit a point where the league thinks it needs to address it. 

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