Adams: Melo, George, Westbrook not to blame for Thunder's late-game struggles

At 7-9, the Thunder aren't a terrible basketball team. They have an incredible defense, the offense has its moments, and they have one of the NBA's better net ratings. So why can't they win basketball games?

Oklahoma City fails, because once they enter clutch situations the team consistently falls apart. The offense stalls. The defense can't defend even the most basic of offense and it leaves the newly-formed superteam of Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook asking questions as to why this is happening.

If you ask Steven Adams, he says these struggles actually have nothing to do with those three, but that it's on him.

"Mainly me, to be honest. Because the play itself you have to execute it properly and it has to be legit down to the t. I screwed up my feet on a copule of them in terms of spacing. ... Everyone plays a part in the plight so you can say yeah the shot doesn't go in which sucks. But to get them that shot I didn't help them."

It's very big of Adams to put the close-game struggles on himself, but he makes a larger overall point in the process of this all being more of a team aspect as opposed to one individual person. The Thunder themselves have to execute everything perfectly and right now they aren't. If they can ever figure out these clutch game struggles then this could become an incredibly dangerous team.

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