After ejection, Matt Barnes says he's 'done' standing up for teammates

Matt Barnes has something of a reputation in the league and a certain value he's built within that. I wouldn't call him an enforcer, but he's an instigator.

But after being ejected Wednesday, he's done with that stuff.

During the Thunder-Clippers game, Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka tangled and got into a minor kerfuffle, to which Barnes inserted himself with a big shove of Ibaka. After a video review, both Barnes and Ibaka were ejected, with Griffin left with a technical. Barnes made his exit -- stopping to snag his kid on the way out -- and then went directly to his tweeting machine. 

The irony of the tweet is that Barnes may have created a triple fine whammy with it. Whatever's handed down extra because of the ejection, plus an active player tweeting in a game (against the rules), plus if he gets something for the language in it. 

Barnes eventually deleted the tweet, as if that does anything but the damage was done. He's finished getting in the middle of scuffles, so fight your own battles, Clippers.  

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