Stephen Curry has won two Most Valuable Player awards, changed the way the NBA offense is played and arguably is the greatest shooter in history. Yet, because of ankle injuries early in his career, he's been underpaid. Now that he's healthy and dominant, the Warriors are taking care of that with the most money possible.

Curry's agent, Jeff Austin of Octagon, told ESPN that player and club have agreed to a 5-year, $201 million "supermax" contract with no player option. With Curry signed for five years -- and to the reported richest deal in league history -- it boosts Golden State's shot at more titles for the duration of the contract. 

Curry's contract is great for Golden State, but it's interesting to note his ankle injuries helped to eventually give the Warriors enough cap room to sign Kevin Durant. Had he never been injured, it's likely he would have signed for more money following his rookie deal, or perhaps even left in Restricted Free Agency, which could have changed everything.

There never was a real possibility of Curry leaving, and now the Warriors are tasked with re-signing Durant and Andre Iguodala. Durant plans to wait until the Warriors finish signing their other main pieces, but Iguodala's departure is a real possibility given how much the Warriors will spend in the luxury tax the next few years.