Knicks guard Alexey Shved is out for the season with a cracked rib, but he's traveling with the team for the final road trip of the season. 

Shved has made it clear that he would like to remain with the Knicks, and the feeling appears to be mutual, accoring to the New York Post.

"I hope next year I can stay here,"’ Shved said. "My agent will do his work summertime but I want to stay here. We had a lot of problems and injuries. Everything will change next year and I want to be part of it."

Shved only had 16 games with the team, but he made an impression. 

"He came on board and was effective penetrating and making plays, being able to shoot the basketball and facilitate for other guys with his size and playmaking," coach Derek Fisher said. "I think he’s done well enough that teams that are interested will have a chance to look at him and see how it goes this summer. ... I’d say he hasn’t done anything to hurt those chances (of re-signing) by the way he’s played."

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