There may very well be only one team that wants Carmelo Anthony after his impending departure from the Houston Rockets, and that team doesn't even play in the NBA.

If it were up to one of Anthony's most famous former teammates, however, the 10-time All-Star will do everything he can to stay in the Association.

As The Athletic's Shams Charania reported Saturday, the 34-year-old Anthony is contemplating his basketball future after a failed 10-game stint with the Rockets. But Allen Iverson, the longtime Philadelphia 76ers star who once teamed up with Anthony as part of the Denver Nuggets, doesn't think there's anything to contemplate.

In A.I.'s eyes, Carmelo still has an obvious future on the court.

"No way Melo should retire," Iverson said, per Charania. "I definitely think he should keep going. He got a lot left in the tank, man. It's just got to be the right situation ... He's going to find his way to adapt to the game and the best spot. I believe in him, and I know he's strong enough. He has a strong foundation behind him as far as his family and friends. I really think he'll be alright. I'm in Melo's corner all the way."

Iverson struck somewhat of a somber chord in additional comments about Anthony, saying "this is one of those fights he has to overcome" and that "it hurts because I love Melo and care about him as a person before all this basketball hoopla." But his main message was clear: There's a place for Anthony in the NBA.

Other former players, like Tracy McGrady, have hinted otherwise, openly encouraging Anthony to retire. It remains to be seen what Anthony himself will pursue, as the Rockets aren't expected to waive the veteran in the immediate future.