Anderson Varejao says LeBron James could return to Cavaliers

Could Anderson Varejao and LeBron James be teammates again?  (USATSI)
Could Anderson Varejao and LeBron James be teammates again? (USATSI)

Anderson Varejao played with LeBron James for seven seasons before James shocked the world and took off for South Beach. With James set to make yet another return to his home state (and have some Thanksgiving grub with his teammates), Varejao says he can see the possibility of James returning in free agency this summer, and that he wasn't a fan of how The Decision went down.

“It could happen,” Varejao said. “Bron is from Akron. Akron is not too far from here. Eventually in his career, he probably wants to play at home.”

And then unprovoked, the normally quiet Varejao said he didn’t like the way James left the Cavs via the one-hour television special.

“Going back to that, I think the way he left was wrong,” Varejao said. “But regardless … He helped me a lot, helped my game and helped me as a person. I have nothing against him. It could happen.”

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I wouldn't call this tampering as PBT described it (HT them, by the way). Varejao's simply stating he can see the situation coming to bear. He didn't say he's called LeBron to advocate for it, or that he will talk to him about it. It's like admitting that the sun could crash into the Earth today and destroy us all and then saying you're tampering with the sun. Related: That situation is more likely than LeBron joining the Cavaliers considering how awful they look. 

 As for The Decision, hint: bringing that up isn't likely to pull him back into the fold, there, Andy. Maybe don't bring that up. Pro tip. 

James can opt out of his contract and become a free agent this summer. The Cavs, Lakers, and Heat are expected to be the main suitors for him. 

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