Andre Iguodala out minimum three games with knee tendinitis

Andre Iguodala will rest his knee two weeks.  (USATSI)
Andre Iguodala will rest his knee two weeks. (USATSI)

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The Warriors have made a big deal about how good they've been when healthy, using the hashtag #fullsquad. But #fullsquad is going to be #notquitefullsquad for a while. The Warriors announced Tuesday that Andre Iguodala will miss the next three games with knee tendinitis.

The Warriors play Orlando Tuesday, then Milwaukee before a significant matchup with the Spurs, so it's a good time to rest him. Additionally, the team has a five-day break afterwards ,so Iguodala could realistically get two weeks off. (HT:RamiMitchell)

Still, with their being just 1.5 games back for Portland for the 5th seed, it's not ideal, though they may prefer a 3rd seed, depending on the matchup. Dallas is just one game back for the sixth seed as well. 

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