Andrew Bynum active, could make NBA return tonight

Andrew Bynum could play Wednesday.  (USATSI)
Andrew Bynum could play Wednesday. (USATSI)

Update 7:12 p.m. ET: Yahoo reports Bynum is expected to play about fifteen minutes Wednesday night. 

Word started circulating Wednesday afternoon that the Cavaliers were being extra careful with discussing Andrew Bynum's condition, indicating that could mean he's ready to go. 

Mike Brown later confirmed he "could" play, but you know, it's Bynum. I could sprout wings from my feet and fly to the sun, it's just unlikely.  Well, then he was warming up pre-game. 

And then, finally, it was announced he's active for Wednesday's game against the Nets. So, while nothing is official, this could actually be the first game Andrew Bynum will play since the Lakers' second-round loss to the Thunder in 2012. That was 528 days ago. 

Bynum, if healthy, could completely change the makeup of the Cavs. While it's unlikly he'll go long minutes, the Nets are going to be in a tough spot trying to match up with Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett, and Bynum defensively could be a problem as well. 

Things just might be coming up Cavs. Excuse me, I'm going to go outside, turn around three time, and spit to avoid jinxing them.

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