Andrew Bynum excused from the Cavs (family) until Saturday

He's been limited to a small amount of minutes during his first six games for the Cleveland Cavaliers but Andrew Bynum has shown some flashes of being the player we remember. He's been blocking shots at an incredible rate and he's had a couple of moments in the paint that have reminded us he's bigger and stronger than a lot of big men in the NBA

While he's had to take some back-to-back games off because of concerns about the health of his knee, Bynum will be missing games this week to address a family medical matter, according to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bynum is set to miss Wednesday's game in Minnesota on Wednesday and a home game against the Bobcats on Friday before returning Saturday.

Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum was excused by the team following practice today in Chicago in order to travel to address a family medical matter. He is expected to re-join the team in Washington, D.C. this Saturday morning for the Cavs vs. Wizards game that night.

Bynum has struggled to make shots and be a consistent impact player for the Cavs in his 15 minutes per game. He's making just 36.4 percent of his shots from the field, but his rebounding (4.2) and scoring (6.2) have been solid in limited minutes. 

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