Andrew Bynum says knee is still sore, next update December 20th

The Sixers won't be seeing Andrew Bynum on the court anytime soon. (Getty Images)  
The Sixers won't be seeing Andrew Bynum on the court anytime soon. (Getty Images)

Andrew Bynum has spoken and guess what? The news is not good. Again. From the Daily News

“Left knee is still really, really sore. Right knee is actually better, which is good.”

How do you gauge improvement?

“Just banging it. Walking around. I have an appointment on the 20th (of December). Worst-case scenario, it's another month. Best-case scenario, I can ramp it up.”

MRI that day?

“Probably so. I don't know yet.”

via The Delaware County Daily Times Blogs: Sixers Dish: SIXERS' ANDREW BYNUM OFFERS UPDATES ON KNEES, REHAB, RETURN, AFRO.

Maybe most concerning was this: 

This season been disappointing?

“Health is going to be an issue. There's nothing I can really do about it. It's arthritis in the knees. Cartilage is missing. That's not going to regrow itself. Maybe in the future, the next three to five years, there may be something out there that really does help. For right now, it's a waiting game.”

That's just all kinds of bad. Bynum sounds despondent there, and the fact that this is clearly going to be a long-term issue (something we figured before-hand) isn't great, either. 

But as Bynum says, it is what it is. Either he's going to get back or he's not, though he maintains in the interview that he expects to play this year, going so far as saying if this were the Finals, he'd play through it. But that in itself is concerning. He could play but he's not, and he's not healthy but it's not going to improve that much. 

Have we mentioned Bynum's contract is expiring and he'll still garner a massive contract the Sixers will likely need to offer to keep him. Until Bynum is actually on the floor, this deal remains a potentially disastrous one for the Sixers. There's just too much up in the air. 

Side note: Make sure you read the full interview for a description from Bynum of why he's growing the infamous fro and where the inspiration for him slicking it back the other night came from. 

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