Andrew Wiggins: 'I can play anywhere'

Andrew Wiggins isn't crying over reportedly being traded.  (USATSI)
Andrew Wiggins isn't crying over reportedly being traded. (USATSI)

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The AP caught comments from Cleveland Cavaliers No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins for the first time since a deal was reportedly agreed to which would send him to Minnesota in a deal which would net the Cavs Kevin Love. He didn't actually say anything, but he did comment. 

"Whatever happens is out of my control," he said. "I'm not worrying about it right now."

Surrounded by more than a dozen reporters and nine television cameras at a promotional event at his former grade school in suburban Toronto, Wiggins acknowledged that life as a first overall pick has brought him extra attention.

"There's more eyes on me, more criticizing, stuff like that," he said.

After Wiggins attended Jayhawks coach Bill Self's basketball camp Sunday, Self said Wiggins told him he'd welcome the trade to Minnesota, where he could be the face of the franchise, rather than playing in the shadow of LeBron.

"Even though in a weird way everybody would love the opportunity to play with LeBron because you're guaranteed winning, for the longevity of his career, he needs to develop that mindset to be the guy, for him to be great, and I think being Minnesota will help him do that," Self said Sunday.

Wiggins wouldn't bite when asked Monday for a response to Self's comments.

"Anywhere, any team," he said. "I can play anywhere."

There you have it. The situation is out of his control, and he can play anywhere. News at 11. 

But really, Wiggins' agent and the Cavs are no doubt advising him to simply not respond. The deal is already complicated by its timing. Technically, teams aren't supposed to do deals during the moratorium period after Wiggins signed with the Cavaliers, and there's already talk of the league potentially blocking the deal if there's an agreement on a future contract with Love in place. It's a good sign for Minnesota that Wiggins is handling it as a pro, not taking shots at Cleveland or speaking out of turn. 

He's doing what he needs to do. He's staying quiet. He can let his game speak for him in November, no matter who he's playing for. 

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