Andrew Wiggins teams up with Adidas to renovate community center

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Andrew Wiggins didn't just make an impact on the court during All-Star Weekend by scoring 29 points in the Rising Stars Challenge, he also made a difference off the court by giving back to the Dufferin Clark Community Centre. 

Located in Wiggins' hometown city of Vaughan, the Dufferin was where the Timberwolves young star would routinely play basketball growing up. He even shattered a backboard at the Dufferin when he was in ninth grade. Now several years later, Wiggins repaid his debt for breaking the backboard by teaming up with Adidas to renovate the center's facilities. 

Adidas and Wiggins installed new hoops and a scoreboard, provided refurbished benches and equipment and even remodeled the Dufferin's youth room. Wiggins was on hand to unveil these updates during All-Star Weekend:

Wiggins and Adidas are not just stopping at these renovations. Through a multi-year partnership with the Dufferin, Wiggins and Adidas will supply shoes, uniforms and equipment to the center's youth basketball leagues for the next several years.

One of the cooler aspects of Wiggins giving back to the Dufferin is that he put his hand in paint and then put it on a backboard on one of the new hoops. So his hand print will be there until the next young player comes along and shatters the backboard with a dunk just like Wiggins did when he was in ninth grade. 

Wiggins gives back.
Wiggins gives back to his hometown. (Adidas)
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