The end of this season has been incredibly weird for Anthony Davis. He has skirted the line between embracing a heel role and wanting to smooth things over with the Pelicans. On Tuesday before the Pelicans' final home game, Davis strolled into the arena wearing a t-shirt that read "That's All Folks!," raising some eyebrow(s).

Backlash was, of course, swift, as folks online bemoaned Davis' pettiness. According to Davis, however, the t-shirt wasn't his call.

After saying that he's a big fan of Looney Tunes, Davis claimed that he didn't pick the shirt.

"I didn't choose it," he said, per Fletcher Mackel of WDSU. "I actually didn't choose it. It was hanging for me already when I put my clothes on, so ..."

When he was asked if he knew who hung it up, Davis replied: "No. I'm not sure." He then added that his clothes are laid out for him "every night" and that he has "no control" over what he wears, according to Julie Boudwin of

Davis' impending divorce from the Pelicans has been a fiasco since he requested a trade weeks before the deadline in February, so it's completely believable that a Pelicans staff member left that in his locker for his final home game. With that being said, it's not as believable that a 26-year-old grown man doesn't have any say over his wardrobe. It's hard to say exactly who comes out looking worse in this situation, but Davis' walking back a petty move isn't a great look.

The Pelicans and Davis must just be glad to have this mess almost over.