Picture this: A Big 3 to end all Big 3s. Ever since Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce teamed up in Boston just over a decade ago, teams have been looking for that perfect combination of players. With San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard reportedly wanting a trade out of San Antonio, Lakers fans are hoping that their team's future will include Leonard, along with LeBron James and Paul George.

However, what happens in free agency is yet to be decided, and just landing Leonard would huge for the Lakers and their fans. There are those that think the Lakers are taking the speculation a bit too far.

Other fans are firing up the trade machine and ... wait, what?

And in San Antonio, who have held out hope that the prospect of a supermax would be enough to keep Leonard on, there's been a slight malfunction.

Lakers fans, meanwhile, are just excited in general.

This is kind of a mess, and the story is still in its fledgling stages. But the thought of Leonard, James and George teaming up is a terrifying one. If it does happen, fans will face the ultimate challenge: Overcome the hatred that about 29 teams have for the Lakers due to slights in years passed? Or cheer for the Warriors to make their way toward a third straight title. That's a tough decision for most NBA fans, but it's one that they may face if the offseason plays out the way some are anticipating.