Kids don't put them in their bicycle spokes anymore but believe it or not, there is a still a market for sports trading cards. Some cards even still gain value over time, which happens to be the case with a very rare LeBron James rookie card.

The card is from the 2003-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection and includes an authentic patch from one of James' game-worn jerseys from that season as well as his actual autograph. One collector has kept the card since 2003 and is now putting it up for auction, where it is expected to sell for a whopping $200,000. Check it out:

From Goldin Auctions (via

Presented here is the most valuable and coveted LeBron James card in the world. The offered piece is James' absolute top-tier rookie collectible. This is his one-of-a-kind autographed logoman rookie from 2003/04 Upper Deck's iconic Ultimate Collection brand. The addition of this card will immediately elevate the status of its welcoming collection to suitably majestic, peerless heights.The card's glorious obverse design is centered around a stunning and full-color, game-action image of LeBron. The coveted "logoman" NBA-symbol patch, taken from one of James' own jerseys, is placed to the left. Below the patch is the "1/1" limited edition serial number, formally confirming that the card is truly unique. Finally, gracing the area beneath the athlete's image, LeBron's rare full and rich rookie signature appears in blue marker. It's important to note that LeBron signed only very few of his rookie cards in such complete, painstaking fashion. He clearly took extra time and care when signing this card due to the insert's unparalleled significance. The Upper Deck logo is found on both the front and back of the card and the Upper Deck hologram is seen on the reverse.

Quite the flowery language for a basketball card but it appears to be doing the trick as the current bid is at $65,000. The auction has about 11 more days to go and even if it doesn't sell for $200,000, it will clearly be sold for some serious money.