On Sunday, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson implied that Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James should not have been so upset with Draymond Green's trash talk in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, saying, "I guess his feelings just got hurt." A reporter relayed the quote to James, who laughed at it and then declared that he was going to take the hard road even though it was difficult to do so:

Is it really taking the high road if you declare that you're doing it? Clearly, James wanted to fire back in some way, but he decided it wasn't worth it. It's hard to blame him: trash talk is generally a better idea on the court than through the media.

Mere minutes after James' press conference, Ayesha Curry -- the wife of the MVP -- chimed in on Twitter, cleverly taking a jab at James for stepping over Green before the incident that led to Green's one-game suspension.

That's a good burn, but some might say that it will add fuel to James' fire. At this point in the season, though, I'm not sure how much any of this stuff matters. On Monday, the Cavaliers' season will be on the line at Oracle Arena. No quote or tweet will motivate him more than that.

LeBron James is taking the 'high road' when it comes to Klay Thompson's quote. USATSI